Getting Married In France

Im looking for some advice really. Myself and my partner are making the move this year to france. In the summer we are hoping to travel to the south of france with are two dogs for a month to look at houses ect.We will be in a motor home for the whole journey.

We have been waiting to get married until we were settled over there(been engaged for 3 years) But we thought it would be lovely if we could get married over there on our holiday there.We esp want our two dogs there.we will have no family or friends over.Does anyone have any suggestions of nice places that hold weddings.nothing fancy just something small and quaint

Many thanks

Hi Roxanne I married in France in 2013 and indeed you need to provide ALOT of paperwork approx 4 weeks before 'the date' including translated birth certificates, certificate of costume from the Brithish Embassy and proof of address (one of the couple must be resident in the commune)

Ah not that simple.Will wait until we have moved then i think.thanks for everyone's advice

Essential Facts

A civil ceremony is the only legally binding type of ceremony possible in France
Civil ceremonies can only take place in the Mairie (Town Hall)
There is a residency period of 40 days immediately prior to a civil ceremony taking place
You may only have a religious ceremony after a civil ceremony has taken place, either in France or in your own country

Legality of Marriage

Marriages performed in France are internationally recognised and legally binding.

Residency Requirements

At least one of the parties to be married has to have been resident in France for a minimum of 40 days continuously, immediately preceding the marriage. This must be in the area where the marriage is to take place.

I'm pretty certain you can't get married "just anywhere" in France- generally, you have to have "liens durables" in some way, shape or form (e.g. parents living in) with the commune in which you get married.

If neither of you have such "liens", and are both non-French citizens resident outside of France, then you can only get married (at the mairie) in the following :

New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Saint Barthélémy, Saint Martin, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Wallis and Futuna, in other words, a quite limited list. This information can be found here

I would add that although you can get married in a French commune if you can show you have lived there for a month up to the date of publication of the bans, you might find that hard to prove if you are moving around in a camper van and only have one month's total holiday.