Getting money back to Uk when I've not got a UK bank account

Hi all

Desperately trying to help a friend who needs to get money back to the UK on a regular basis to pay outstanding bills (about £200 a month)- but he doesn't have a UK bank account. He gets paid in euros and has a french bank account here - the only way we have found to get money back is via La Poste but they charge 14€ for every transaction. I suggested caxtonfx as I know this works brilliantly for small money from Uk to here - but they don't do transactions the other way from france to UK. Can anyone offer a solution that isn't going to cost my friend a fortune. He has very little money and is incurring penalty costs on his debts in UK just because he can't get his euros over there.

Look forward to hearing from you


Thanks Irene

I'll look into this

I think that you will find Western Union very expensive. Try a Paypal account, only expensive if you are selling online.

Thanks Doreen

He has tried via his own bank (credit agricole) and also with Barclays in Toulouse and neither were able to offer any help unless he was transferring into a UK bank account of his own (doesn't help that his level of french is very basic and the bank manager has no English at all)

Thanks very much Irene

He knew about Western Union but thought they were very expensive - however I've just done a simulation and they are offering something similar to my HSBC bank transfer rates - so this could be a good way forward for him.