Getting rid of 'Fouines' (stone martens)

We have the noisiest, most indiscreet, all-night-partying 'Fouine' that has apparently taken up residence in our attic. Earplugs don't cut it. Help! How can I persuade her that it's time to move on?

Fouines are nothing to the mayhem that I am subject to when I take my dogs out for their last trip of the day to relieve themselves. We have owls with babies and they line them up in the pigeonier and hiss for France. Before they were hatched and I could not see them, I thought I had some kind of giant snakes in the walls, the noise was so loud!

Fouines are protected so you cannot use a shot gun. However you can bait a cage trap with a raw egg then release miles away.

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Hi Fiona

I think I have a simalar problem but where do they sell mothballs here in France is it a special shop as I have not seen them in the supermarket,
Any suggestions please


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We've a resident fouine, scared the living daylights out of me one night when I thought it was one of our cats wanting to get in, opened the window and was face to face with it! Luckily it's only taken up residence in the barn, I'm not looking to get rid of it they're the best ratters and mousers you can have maybe if I had chickens or it lived in the attic it would be a different matter though...

Nice little info site about them here

I have never met anyone else who say that that fouines are not protected, so I am suprised you think they are. I found I list of protected species in France where they are listed as catogory 3 whatever that means. It's up to you what you do of course but I certainly would not kill one and still think people should check before they do.

I have been always led to believe that fouines were a protected species, so i would not consider killing them, moth balls work, play loud music underneath where you think they are sleeping, they soon move out

Found a site that tells you the best way to get rid of this unwanted visitor is to liberally spread mothballs over your attic space. Apparently they can't stand the smell and will leave. Good luck x

Do you remember what you did @Fiona_McGeachie_Gall I think we have one, really bloody loud any annoying.

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