Getting rid of old RHD Cars in France

(Phil Graham) #1

We’ve got a (EDIT: correction to year) '96 Peugeot 306 with FSH and only 75k on the clock, but just ordered a new car and not sure what to do with the old Peugeot. The model we bought doesn’t qualify the Pug for the “prime à la casse” according to the dealer, even though the new one runs on bioethanol and is theoretically carbon neutral - bizarre.

It seems such a shame to scrap a car in otherwise good order, but for which I can’t imagine there’s a market in France. Does anyone know of an alternative to scrapping? Is there anyone re-imports RHD cars of such an age to the UK? My guess is there’s no money in the latter, but if anyone knows different …


(Phil Graham) #2

That’s encouraging - I’ll give it a go. To be honest, a few hundred euro will do - I just can’t bear the thought of scrapping such a good car!

(Catharine Higginson) #3

In that case you should be able to sell it - the price will be less than for a LHD but the French do buy RHD if they are competitively priced. We have sold two RHD’s to french buyers. Bonne chance!

(I would have had it myself a couple of weeks ago!!)

(Phil Graham) #4

Thanks Christa and Martin -

Yes, it’s French registered and headlights switched. I’ll try those options once I get a delivery date for the new one.

All the best


(Martin Parker) #5

I guess at the right price, someone may want it as a cheap run about.

Try putting it on LeBonCoin

(Martin Parker) #6

Ah, not so good then!! Not much option except scrapping or breaking for parts.

(Phil Graham) #7

LOL! Typo - that should have been '96 not '76!

Sorry about that!


(Martin Parker) #8

At 35 years old, isn’t that into classic car territory? I know it is not exactly a Ford Model T or in huge demand, but try looking for the Pug owners clubs online etc and perhaps put it on there. If there is someone after that particular model, they may even come and collect it. Just a thought. Will save you the cost of scrapping it as well.