Getting UK TV in France

Hello. Can’t recall if this question has already been asked: about getting UK TV in France.

One solution is getting a satellite dish, or by cheating and getting Ch 4 and the BBC on the internet but making them think your in the UK by going via a proxy.

Does anyone know of such a service that actually works?

And why we cant get UK TV over the internet outside the UK. Is this a licence fee thing?

Regards, Mark

If you are using Firefox as your browser it is worth trying Proxify, available as a Firefox add-on. It works fine for me to watch the Iplayer, etc. and for real-time TV you could try

Did I say? I tried UK Proxy which works but it seems that the bandwidth is too low to be really useful. Honestly I also felt that the quality of UK TV was no better than in France (apart from the pleasure of English) and so I've given up. Conclusion: I try to watch films rather than TV. Reading is good too. (Got a Kindle for Christmas) Cheers

Well I was hoping not to have to go down the satellite road, specially as I rent here. As yet to read Chris’s mail.

Thanks everyone.

I think the outside UK thing is a copyright sort of thingy (technical term) like the pub landlady who was using either an italian or greek provider for footie rather than paying exorbitant Sky fees - currently under review so things may change in the future. I haven’t found an easy proxy 2 use but we hardly watch tv anyway. far as I KNOW (i.e have been told) a freeview box and getting yr satellite dish pointing the right way should work.

Mark, I know you,ve got loads of info here now but just in case you,re interested, the satellite and decoder we bought is

As I said, every English channel you could want and all free.


Hi. I’m bringing my decoder with me for our 3 month rental in France. Hope a friend can set up a dish for me. The rental property doesn’t have a TV so I’m assuming I can connect decoder to laptop via HDMI. Assume I don’t need any software, but any advice appreciated.


Mark, it,s easy to get English TV in France!!. We bought a satelite dish in Brico marché that was made to receive English channels. It cost 80 euros, you can install it yourself if you know what you,re doing or pay to have it installed. Cost us 150e to have it installed as our roof is SO high and I wouldn,t let hubby climb up on to it lol. What you receive is Free to air channels. We have got every BBc,ITV channel (1,2,3,4)there is plus loads more,shopping TV,Movie channels,Reality TV,Sport…simply loads. Once it,s installed there is no more cost!! Good luck.

Hi Mark,

I wrote a post on this a while back, here it is

Hope that helps.

Kind regards