Getting up those stairs

As I approach 70 and thinking of moving house plus having to think about mobility I started looking at stair lifts and the such. All easy to google, as are the pros and cons. This is really to show a new smart advance that is compact and to some, attractive. Plus if it is low cost it should drive down the exorbitant costs charged by some firms for stair or chair lift installations. Middle men can make a fortune.

New vacuum elevator installs in a few hours at a budget price

Jeez Terry!!

Approaching 70! So am I! I could understand your post if you had said "approaching invalidity or incapacity" but please don't suggest that approaching 70 is a requirement for a stair lift. There are some of us old buggers still capable of fighting off the grim reaper & we can do without you reminding us of our impending mortality :-)