Giant Trump blimp WILL fly over London for protest during his UK visit


(Helen Wright) #21

Absolutely your remarks did not offend me in any way shape or form…:heart:

(Paul Jacks) #22

You are very correct. During the campaign, people routinely showed up at his rallies flying the Confederate battle flag, which has particular meaning to racists in the U.S. It is no accident that Donald Trump is the preferred candidate of the KKK, American Nazis, the alt-right, and every other group of like-minded individuals. I should also mention that because of the optics, Trump election staff eventually advised his supporters not to bring these types of flags, but, regardless, it was pretty obvious where his sympathies were.

(Paul Jacks) #23

You are correct-- my apologies.

(Helen Wright) #24

Yep I know what you’re saying…in some places even worse or equally abhorrent as the divisionary fakery of skin colour and race there is the divide and conquer tactic of “religion”…it seems there are areas in USA who in spite of professing a Christian outlook are rabidly looking forward to the end of days with no thought for any one else who just isn’t as rabid as they are and far from waiting for the end of days are actively loving their fellow human beings and actively sticking together through thick and thin…x :slight_smile:

(Peter Goble) #25

And some of us, while feeling very relieved that the little footballers and their coach have been recovered from almost certain death in their cave, see an almost complete lack of parallel concern for little children trapped on rubber rafts in the Mediterranean, hundreds of such having already drowned at sea, snatched by the waves from their parents’ arms. In such cases their deaths can be easily blamed on the ‘people smugglers’ etc.

In our forlorn society, some lives are evidently much more precious and worth saving than others, and their fortunes more newsworthy.

(Timothy Cole) #26

I’ve said before that we look at Trump and the US in general through European eyes without understanding how different their electoral system is and how simple it is for those with wealth to obtain positions of power. Trump had never held any political office before yet with his pile of cash is now in the White House, he even used to be a Democrat but has now changed sides, can you imagine Corbyn doing that? The guy is an opportunist and has thought about running for President before but he only wants to win so 2016 was his only real shot, Hilary Clinton is hated by many in the US and this was a big factor in helping Trump win. I thought he might be bored by now but he seems to be loving the job so it’s odds on he’ll go for re-election in a couple of years.

(Jane Williamson) #27

He wants to meet his friend Boris, he thinks it will be easier with Putin than the European leaders.
He needs to know that there are still people who do not accept his views and find his tweets childish.
There is an organised movement for demonstrations against him whilst he is in UK.
If this means that he will throw his dummy out of the pram, so be it.

(Bill Morgan) #28

Concern about NATO surviving Trump :unamused:

(Bill Morgan) #29

The “T’ Baby B’ ready to fly”, :+1: :rofl:

(Graham Lees) #30


(Bill Morgan) #31

And ambling along like a bored schoolboy, what a plonker :rofl:

(Elisabeth Morgan) #32

“It was inappropriate behaviour”, the man himself is inappropriate (I’m trying to stay polite) !

(stella wood) #33

15th July is Saint Donald’s Day… I wonder if DT will be celebrating…

(Timothy Cole) #34

I will, love the guy.:grinning:

(Mark Robbins) #35

You just like winding some people up :joy::joy::joy::joy:

(Bill Morgan) #36

No it really is :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

(stella wood) #37

Saint Donald was Scottish… so I suppose that is why DT’s mum chose that name for her son… sadly, he doesn’t seem to have gained any of the Saint’s qualities…:thinking: … but there is still time… :wink:

(Bill Morgan) #38

Not sure it wasn’t the Duck that was canonised :thinking:

(Peter Goble) #39

If I had the technology I’d want make a small fortune out of Baby Trump replicas, keyrings, pendants, but I imagine the image is patented, and I think we haven’t seen the last of Baby Trump in many, many réincarnations :balloon::grinning: