Giant Trump blimp WILL fly over London for protest during his UK visit


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(Peter Goble) #3

It will only inflame his anti-Muslim passion. Although I have some sympathy with the general principle I reckon it will have little impact on Trump, and may if anything deepen his antipathy towards the British people and our ‘values’, such as we profess them.

Only time will tell what this man’s appointment to office will do to affect world affairs. My guess is that he will eventually be consumed by his own wickedness, and that his fate will be sealed by a sudden occurrence, perhaps he will be struck down by an assassin, perhaps by an illness; it will not be dignified or pretty. His obituary will be ugly, and his followers and hirelings will queue up to vilify and betray him without any qualms of conscience or shame.

He will be just a shitty skid-mark on the undergarment of history, and deservedly so. Why did we ever give him any credence at all? He was of no consequence at all, just a typically 21st century media-fabricated wet fart.

(Timothy Cole) #4

If people want to protest peacefully about Trump whilst he’s here that’s fine by me but I think it’s right that he should visit the UK as he’s been welcomed to other countries such as France and he is still the leader of a country who we have been close to for more than a century.

(Jane Williamson) #5

‘Only time will tell’, the trade war starts today.

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Not on your Christmas card list then Peter? :rofl:

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Dead right, Carl, tho’ on sober reflection I was a bit too lavishly descriptive with the merde theme there, hope I didn’t put anyone off their supper… :nauseated_face::poop::joy_cat:

(Paul Jacks) #8

As an American, I agree. The other point about the protests is that they feed his base, unfortunately. These are generally people who do not travel and they tend to view all “foreigners” as the enemy. At 64, I never thought I would see the day when an American President would show less respect to our European allies, than to the Russians. It is a strange new era we find ourselves in.

(Paul Jacks) #9

I agree with your assessment overall. The problem is that the opposition in the States has not really crystallized around an issue or issues that resonate sufficiently to prevent this idiot’s re-election in 2020. With this second Supreme Court nomination and Trump’s total war on environmental regulations and progressive social policies, I fear what my country will become if this fool is re-elected. While I may have had issues with various presidents in the past, this guy is something totally new. He truly is an American authoritarian (fascist). I hope he will be done in one term, especially as the scandals and incompetence become more obvious, but nothing is for certain in our reality TV politics of the moment. As an American, I feel as though this is a nightmare I can’t wake up from.

(Helen Wright) #10

Whatever the personal feelings or political leanings of this visit there is a massive amount of “money” currently being spent on purported security…involving the erection of screens and extra police drafted in from forces already struggling…Is this “money” that the “U.K.” already has or “money” that must be borrowed…??? Will it ultimately lead to more austerity…??? I think it is literally a puppet/blimp show…one we could stop overnight by refusing to participate…

(Timothy Cole) #11

@pauljacks, perhaps you could tell me where the hell is the opposition to DT in the US Is there anyone on the horizon who can stop him in 2020?

(Helen Wright) #12

I’m struggling to see any real opposition…there’s a part of me that still holds out a little ray of hope that he is still “draining the swamp”…the key point that makes me dubious is moving the embassy to Jerusalem…he talks about and has issued an executive order about human rights…I like Trey Gowdy…

(Peter Goble) #13

@tim17 I’m not confident that “we can’t bear to think that the dreadful man Donald Trump should be re-elected POTUS” is an issue around which Americans will rally. Or anybody would.

Current US media hostility to him and his policies just succeeds in making his opponents feel more and more despondent and frustrated, and DT thrives on their impotent misery, and stokes up the fires to add to it.

There will have to be well-crafted and bullet-proof issue that will get people to the polls, and it will have to have a powerful positive charge to it. I’m working on it… :thinking::joy:

(Paul Jacks) #14

I’m not sure who will be able to stop him. Most of the Democrats on the horizon are pretty lackluster. That is not to say, however, that things won’t change quickly (as regards candidates), once our very prolonged election season starts in 2020. Typically, unlike with Mrs. Clinton, candidates seem to oftentimes come from nowhere. What will be interesting to watch will be to see if Trump faces some sort of insurgency campaign from within the Republican Party. That could do him some damage and help the Democrats, but I fear that the so-called never-trumpers are presently wavering. For now, I am somewhat depressed about the future.

(Paul Jacks) #15

You are absolutely correct about Trump and his supporters. Negative coverage seems to boost his approval, which is quite frightening. We have never experienced this type of demagoguery before in our history and so have very little understanding as to how to stop him. You’ve probably seen the demographics-- his supports are generally uneducated or under-educated whites and he has built an impressive power-base within that group. Now, the Republican establishment is lining up behind him, since he (and Mitch McConnell) has given them everything they ever wanted in terms of tax and regulatory relief. I’m really not sure what will change the results at the polls. I live in California, which is solidly in opposition to Trump, but with our electoral college system, our numbers are almost meaningless.

(Bill Morgan) #16

As ‘someone’ said, “A week is a long time in Politics” :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

(Helen Wright) #17

Is that not a bit of a generalisation…??? Quote “Uneducated or under educated whites”…??? End quote…Is that not a racist comment in and of itself…??? I’m sure you didn’t mean it in the way it came across…Hey listen…I’m no fan of any alleged leader or any any alleged political faction…I’m no fan of any political agenda…agenda 21 or 30 or whatever…California has been instrumental in legalising medicinal cannabis but many of us outside of California view it as mercenary…an attempt to profit by way of a patent on a plant…Race and skin colour should not even come into a discussion about politics…Many many moons ago when in hindsight I was just a child I wrote to the ceo of proctor and gamble surprisingly he wrote back…just with a whole lotta lies…

(Helen Wright) #18

“Uneducated or under educated whites”…just listen with an open heart and mind to how that translates to “white” people who have never seen skin colour as any barrier to friendship…??? I

(Peter Goble) #19

But Helen, isn’t it bleedingly obvious that race and skin colour are hugely significant in American politics, and racial polarisation and the poisonous scape-goating of people of colour is one of Trump’s most potent weapons, which he uses with scatter-gun abandon. And who does this appeal to significantly, if not poorly educated (some to point of no education attainment of any value), many of whom are white, and who see non-white persons as illegitimate, un-American, and the obvious cause of their misfortune? And an evil to be purged. I recall in Trump’s presidential campaign seeing a photograph of six white women wearing T-shirts with the message “Make America White Again!”.

This can’t be ignored, surely, and must be acknowledged. Denying the concept of race or skin-colour or that it figures in politics at street level or in the upper echelons of 21st century politics has to be almost as worrying as racism itself, IMO.

(Paul Jacks) #20

Definitely a generalization, but clearly true based on election demographics. Not intended to be a racist comment-- I’m actually black American myself. Here’s an interesting article from the BBC that breaks things down.

I appreciate your comment-- I am so accustomed to this type of analysis in the U.S. that I need to be more aware that this type of discussion may appear to be something else to people from other countries. I’m very sorry if my remarks offended you.