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Hello there - I've just started to paint again after a fair few number of years and am after some information please: Does anyone know of a site within France which prints blank glossy greetings cards from jpegs of your own artwork and is there anywhere I can get giclee prints made from my paintings ? I live near Lembeye 64350 so I suppose the nearest large towns would be either Tarbes or Pau

By the way, if you're interested - my website is at

Am I allowed to advertise on here ???????

At the moment I use Zazzle to print the cards but that works out quite expensive with the shipping costs

Thanks everyone !

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I had an expo in the restaurant a couple of year back and well worth doing. File sizes are around 2mb at 72dpi which I then transform in Photoshop into 60mb at 300dpi which produces a very good print at A3 size.

Thanks Neil

I've not managed to get a high enough res camera image yet so I may very well ( when I get organised ) take you up on that offer - you're not too far away from me. Most of my canvases are larger than A3 though. I wouldn't mind the watercolours printed though. Are you going to be at Simacourbe ? Saw one of your in Restaurant de la Tour in Lembeye the other day. I have chatted the boys up into an exposition after Simacourbe.

By the way, met friends of yours the other evening - Mike and Lesley

Small world !

Hi Viv, can't help with the cards but I produce my own 300dpi prints at A3+ on an HP 8750 pro printer on archive watercolour paper or glossy and I can print for you. Price would be in the region of 18€ depending on ink coverage per print. Can you provide a high quality photo or scan? If you get your artwork to me I can scan for you. Home is in Mouhous about 30 minute from Lembeye near Garlin.

Some of my own work on



Thanks Liz !

I really must get myself sorted re prints

If you're anywhere near Lembeye, I have a stand at the local Artisanal Foire at Simacourbe in may



Love your water colours, esp the Irises, would be v interested if you do have prints available


Will do

You might need to look at "dépliantes" or "faire-parts" for folded cards

Thanks Steve

Do they do folded blank cards ? I may be being a blonde ( non pc - sorry ) but I could only find single cartes de visite etc. Giclee printing is using a special high quality scanner/printer to reproduce prints of artwork on archival paper using inks that won't fade etc.




Not idea what "giclee" prints are but I use for my printing needs.