Gift Ideas for Christmas

Iv’e been working on different designs and ideas for gifts to put on display for an Christmas market this month. Here’s my latest one that I designed specially for a friend’s birthday who loves cooking. I was thinking of making some more egg holders and Wellington boot racks/scrapers but if anyone has any other ideas they are all welcomed! I’m finding it very enjoyable to start with an idea of something that’s serviceable and then producing a product that not only works but (I think!) is aesthetically pleasing as well. Put your ideas below and maybe Ill be able to create them!

thanks marijke!

I adore the egg spiral.

Renny, I can't find the actual image I want at the moment, but it is to display plates and plaques - this is vaguely along the lines but I would want something much more flowing and less rigid in design.

Thanks James!

Hi Jeannie, I would love to help if I can. What sort of glass pieces are we talking about? Jewellery?

Renny, you have a customer on the Facebook page

Hi Renny, I will be looking for a 'frame' or support for my glass pieces - need to be strong yet delicate looking. Is it something you might be interested in looking at?