Gilets jaunes : Édouard Philippe suspend le nouveau contrôle technique

Mmm… I’m not expecting to see my friendly gendarme in the near future, but I’ll try and remember to ask him about colour, when I do…

Re… the motorcycle… where are you supposed to stash the highviz?? not many places to hide it I would have thought… would it be better to wear it ???

Le conducteur doit posséder :

  • un gilet de sécurité fluorescent homologué, avec un marquage CE apposé sur celui-ci, à l’intérieur du véhicule, dans un endroit permettant de le prendre facilement avant de sortir du véhicule,
    Équipements obligatoires en voiture : gilet de sécurité, triangle... |
    Doesn’t have to be yellow but does have to be CE approved does have to be where you can put it on before you get out eg in glove box, under your seat.
    I have seen several cars and vans with orange gilets in the windscreen.
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Cheers Anna… knew it would be written somewhere… it’s been on record for a few years now I think…

Folk are leaving them in the windscreen at the moment… but I have not noticed them in that spot before the recent uproar.

In my opinion it is not the best place, long-term… but each to their own.

It’s in a pannier. I’m not going to wear it an in fact the law specifically decrees that that is not necessary. My motorcycling clothing and helmet are already pretty hi-viz in their own right as the jacket and trousers incorporate a lot of reflective material and there is a legal requirement to have reflective stickers on crash helmets.

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Phew… you sound like one of the sensible ones… so many motorcyclists seem hell-bent on camouflaging themselves in black/dark clothing… :zipper_mouth_face:

Most motorcyclists do the opposite, they try to ensure that their natural enemy, car drivers, can see them. :slight_smile:

It takes all sorts David… and it’s obvious that around here many MC folk must like “playing chicken”… it’s particularly difficult with bendy roads, in the murky weather/ twilight-zone :zipper_mouth_face:

I believe that you are also supposed to have a GJ for every person in the car. I have 2 in my car.

It doesn’t actually state that Mandy… it says it’s for the driver…the idea being that when he/she gets out to place the warning triangle… and/or to work on the car… he/she is highly visible… :sunglasses:

However, having extra GJ is a great idea if folk have to all get out of the car and… perhaps… wander along the road… :thinking:

Oh well, I guess I made that one up :wink:

I was recently informed that gloves are now compulsory on bikes and they have to have the CE mark motorbike safety label. As a devotee of fingerless gloves in the summer it seems a bit nanny state to me. Next it’ll be ballistic shorts.

Image result for motorbike ce safety label for gloves

And armoured flip flops

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Must say, I cringe when we pass some twits wearing flip-flops… or bare feet. We do seem to have some daft biker folk around here … mainly youngsters though, who may never get old :zipper_mouth_face:

When we do come across a lovely old bike, gleaming chrome etc… that is a real pleasure and the rider is usually just as well-presented… :hugs:

It is actually part of a campaign that is aimed at getting moped riders to wear protective clothing and gloves in particular. It comes from paramedics complaining that they were having to spend too long dealing with unnecessary injuries. It’s generally accepted that nobody will be asked to prove that the gloves that they wear conform. I use the same lightweight leather gloves that I’ve worn for years in the summer and occasionally some reinforced Gortex gloves in the winter. I doubt either pair confirm and the label on the leather pair is so worn it could say anything. If I was really worried I could buy some labels online.
It depends what you mean by nanny state. A few years ago in the town where I lived a young soldier was knocked off his motorcycle when a car ran into the back of him at a red light where he had stopped. He wasn’t killed but died about 10 days later as a result of the abrasions he suffered. It was a hot sunny day, he was going to the swimming pool and he was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. Some people need protecting.

It’s worth keeping up to date with the rules for red triangles too.

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I think it would be a good idea for Everyone to read that link David… especially Newcomers to France… it is very comprehensive and explains everything quite clearly… the who, the what, the where, the when and the how…

2016 is the latest update and we Residents should be aware by now… but no bad thing to remind ourselves… and to check that the essential stuff has not been removed/left out… :thinking:

Red Triangles are on offer all over the place (not expensive)… but how many of us think of picking one up… and/or checking that the one we may already have… is not broken… :thinking:

It’s very important to know when not to use them too.

Exactly so… which is why a thorough read will refresh everyone’s little grey cells…:hugs:

I’ve been rashered myself many times over the years and it’s not pleasant. When my daughter was little I always made her wear a back brace, as kids use on ponies, when we went on the bike but I don’t want to have to wrap up myself like the Michelin man to go for a spin.

These jeans, while expensive, might be a good compromise.

I wear ‘armoured’ jeans whenever the weather is dry. I’m a great believer in leather, :slight_smile: , although I rarely wear it on the bike these days, that’s because my Dainese leathers from my previous sports bike don’t really go with my current sports tourer. Luckily it’s a two piece so I do sometimes wear the jacket and aforementioned jeans.