Gite and B&B owners re agencies

Do you work with an agent/agencies which charge you a fee/commission?
Do you want to talk about it?
Are you happy about the service?
The fee?

Definitely not.

Is there anything we can do?
My agency charges 20% on top of my price plus 6.5% on top
again for the deal going through… C/Card etc!!!

If you’re unhappy with them, don’t use them anymore. There are loads of other successful “agencies” that you pay an annual fee and zero commission.

I think I’ve already discussed which portal we use with you on another post…and haven’t made any changes. Our clients are mainly ordinary french families, so wouldn’t use an agent.

Well yes bit it depends upon the style of the property.
And the market which you need to capture.
There is the baby and toddler market…
special interest.
cheap and cheerful
families getting together from all over the world.
pure luxury.

I wonder if anyone has done a comparison of average profit levels from different types of gîtes and/or B&Bs?

I think you are at the luxury end of the market? So yes you probably take in per week twice what we do, but if you are paying those sorts of fees, plus the costs of maintaining luxury items like pools and eygptian cotton sheets, welcome hampers and so on I guess that takes a big chunk of the turnover. So we probably end up in a pretty similar place!

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More than likely!
But for us it is a little different as having a property like ours was a dream.
It is not at the top, top end of the market and for what we offer I feel sure that
our prices are right.
Yes we do need the income but most of the time we enjoy the experiences and,
the work because it keeps us busy.
Outgoings …yes we replace so many things each year…big and small.
The rooms are huge so the cleaning takes a long time.