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Thanks Veronique, I really feel as though I have been through the mill lately.

Good luck Jane, I hope it all goes well

I am waiting for the results of a biopsy of a polyp they found at my last endoscopy.
Fingers and toes crossed please.

HOW is Jane?

Not sure how things are going B and B AND GITE wise?

Are you getting enquiries and bookings.......I hope so.

We need to share ideas/INFO.

Just taken a booking for a tiny wedding for next year. Should be fun.

Thought of starting classes on how to run a B and ????? Perhaps?

That sounds positive.

Thanks Barbara and Jan. I’m not looking forward to it snd yet more time in hospital.
This should be the end though.

I am sorry to hear that you are not well Jane.

Get well soon....

And lets think about work another time.

Oh Dean Jane that is a lot, sorry to hear that…my thoughts are with you and your nearest and dearest <3

Jane - wishing you the very best tomorrow and a speedy recovery afterwards.


Thanks Lis, but three general anaesthetics in one month will take some time.

Jane - wishing you all the best for tomorrow and a speedy recovery... :)

Barbara, that is a good idea, but st the moment I am not well. I have had pancreatitis and my gall bladder removed and am having another operation in Lyon tomorrow to put right some complications of this condition.
I do not cook bacause we only have the gite and relaxing is the main promotion for us. Have a look at our website . Also the hotel lobby is so strong and it would noy be worthwhile attracting attention to myself. If your friend wanted to come for a break, then that would be worthwhile for us.
Many of our guests come from Belgium, Holland and Germany and I suppose that for city dwellers rural France is safer than staying at home.

Sorry that this has happened.

Jane we need a little publicity in the wine world.

People who live, breath and write about wine would still

love to come to Burgandy and here on the perimiters of St Emilion.

I Would like to have clients who want to see what we have to offer rather

than just to sit by the pool. So a little idea....

I have an old aquiantance ( who likes our cooking and adores wine especially

that from your region) He is a wine and food writer .....we could invite him to eat with you and stay for a day.....come here and do the same.

He writes books about champagne and Burgandy and writes for wine mags;

What do you think?

Yes. I had thought of that.

I certainly feel safer in the countryside in many ways.

My holidays are all about running away from city life and

finding the joy of being amongst the vines.

We have just has a cancellation from a couple from Oz, who had booked to be here for a few days around Christmas. The husband is very involved in security in Oz, and they have decided not to come. People have got to do what people have got to do, but of course this is also exactly what ‘they’ want, for us to be scared let alone the people planning come come to France. This is always the case when something happens somewhere in the world, and then we move on and people start visiting again. We have a lot of French guests staying, and I am sure it will not stop them coming our way again!
Do try and have a look at the little video with the Australian television presenter Waleed Aly…might be on YouTube but you should find it on The Huffington Post UK posted 16/11/2015…he makes it very simple what it going on! :slight_smile:

Perhaps the tourists will avoid the large cities and come out to the country instead.
This might also apply to the housing market as well.


Are we going to suffer with a lack of tourists?

What are your thoughts?
So many other projects thrive on tourism. Not only holiday


We have a very well equipped kitchen. One if the main complaints is blunt knives, so we have good knives and a sharpener.
We also provide all linen including pool towels. We have a gaz barbecue which is very popular.
One if the comments people mKe is that they like the mixture of new and antique furniture.
We provide Sanex shower gel in large bottles and good quality liquid soap in all sinks.
We also provide coffee, tea, condiments and a few herbs and spices.