Gîte scam bookings are back!,

Just realised that we haven’t had a single scam booking email since March…But they are back! We’ve had 2 already this week.

Bonjour Mr / Mme

Je viens par le bien de l’office du tourisme,déjà pour un renseignement et une eventuellement location dans vos locaux.
Quelles sont vos disponibilités Pour une location 28jrs successive.( Nos dates sont du 25/09/2020 au 23/10/2020 , avez vous cette disponibilité? ) .

Nous vivons au Canada et venons pour raison professionelle.

J’aimerai aussi avoir le prix si disponible (pour deux personnes adultes).

Je reste dans l’attente de vous lire.


Out of interest how do these scams play out?

IIRC is is just that they just fuck people up… they book a whole place and never confirm/pay the deposit meaning genuine clients are not given the chance to make an honest booking ?

The French is pretty appalling for a client allegedly from Canada, that would already set my alarm bells off…
In my experience, either Canadians speak/write French well (albeit with their particular vocabulary), or they don’t bother at all and express themselves in English.


Sadly my French is not good enough to reliably spot that their French is not good enough - though that “je viens par…” sentence does look a bit tortured even to my eye.

Hopefully Jane’s is - which seems to be the case.

I’m still trying to figure out if there’s anything in it for the scammer other than the dubious pleasure that they screwed someone’s business up.

Normally they want to pay up front, overpay and ask for refund, then the original payment is found to be fraudulent


There is a similar scam that targets translators/interpreters, I’ve had a few in the past.

Ah, that one is fairly common in lots of scenarios.

We have had people who want to use our bank account for money laundering.
They say that they have had a long booking, but they cannot take it up because the gite has been flooded and can we use their deposit to pay for our gite, which is for less money and can we pass the larger amount through our bank account and take what we are owed.
No we can’t!

Blimey I had no idea of such sculduggery. Just me and 'er and the dog, no room for anyone else, even scammers. :slightly_smiling_face:

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