Glass for woodburner

Bonjour, I have cracked the glass of my Franco-Belge stove, model Gascon 11 and have tried searching for a replacement.
I found one on their website but at the horrific price of €458!
Can anyone help me to find an alternative: it seems to be slightly curved, therefore more expensive but 7 Times the price!!!

This could be what you are looking for

Just noticed that there are 2 types, convex or flat. If yours is convex it’s very expensive.

If it’s the large convex glass this is a lot cheaper

If it has a door that you can remove yourself then take it to your local Bricomarché, they will measure it, give you a price for the new glass (will probably need to order it) sometimes have in stock. They will usually install it for you too, mine does !

Thank you both for your responses, I will investigate both and “Glacé -Alu” in Marmande, .

Contact your house insurers, see if its covered.

Yes I will, am I covered for being clumsy? :thinking:

No idea, depends on your policy but some policies cover you for accidental damage.

I have managed to break the glass in my wood burner twice, both my fault. In both cases the insurance has covered it.