Global Climate March on 29th November

A Global Climate March will begin worldwide on Sunday 29 November preceding the Paris climate summit (COP21) which begins on Monday 30 November and continues until Friday 11 December. These events have been staged annually since 1995’s meeting in Berlin. The COP21 bit is because COP stands for conference of parties and is an annual meeting of the 195 countries that make up the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. This being the 21st meeting, it’s COP21. COP20 last year in Lima, Peru came to an inconclusive end. A great deal of hope is being invested in Paris COP21 being a decisive summit.

Most national leaders, at the very least key political figures, will be attending. In order to show politicians people are serious around the world a Global Climate March will begin one day before the summit, marching symbolically in the direction of Paris. There will be a permanent peaceful demonstration in Paris. Here in France la marche pour le climat will meet in a number of places, others are still being organised. It is possible to find out where these events are from a number of sources, I am simply putting up the link to Avaaz's one using the search for a local event, but take it from there and in fact you can use it to find any known one worldwide.

By the way, the number of people attending in each case means Avaaz supporters only, whereas in fact most expect people to turn out in thousands.

I would like to say one thing. I am putting this up to inform people who may be interested. It is not meant as a provocation aimed at sceptics and climate change deniers, so there is no need to turn this into an angry debate. If anybody feels they wish to have that debate then feel free to put up your own discussion on that topic.

Hello Brian,

I shall be only too happy to do so if someone will tell me how to find John's discussion.

I only posted on yours in response to John's reply to me on your discussion - there was no ther link for me to head to.

No offence to you or your discussion was intended by me, and I have deleted my attachments, which I shall be happy to upload to John's dicussion when I find it.

Could you please post again under John's discussion.

Hello John,

No need for any apology to me!

As you have requested a look at my global warming paper (written, by the way, in 2008 when global warming was the devil and the more realistic expression "climate change" had not yet become so commonplace) I am uploading it, together with a much shorter paper highlighting a possibly much worse scenario.

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Thanks John.

Sorry Melvin, I started a discussion thread which I hope you will have time to join in and I would like to read your paper if you have time before hospital.

Hello Brian,

Thank you for your link, which I have looked at. Unfortunately the item did not carry any supporting references, but I shall look into it. However, I do not subscribe to a view that everything is one-sided, and I have long been aware that whilst some ice packs have thickened, others have indeed at least partially melted - balance, yet again.

As you rightly say, this particular thread is not the forum for a debate but was clearly intended to be informative of a particular activity.

I have a great deal on my plate just at the moment, including a hospital operation next Monday, but when I have less stress and more time, I might start a discussion by posting a paper that I wrote a few years ago on the global warming topic (which is heavily on one side of the scales and therefore less than, and not quite the same thing as, climate change); some might find it interesting and possibly even a little enlightening, but it should certainly provoke debate...

Grass fed meat is superior to that raised on cereals and pharmaceuticals! I was, however, not meaning to imply that you personally were a sheep - I am sure you have a far more balanced mind than that. Please enjoy the march and be safe.

Melvyn, as an academic I endorse the view that thought is necessary. As a balance to the work you have linked, please see:

However, I do repeat that I did not intend this to become a debate and that anybody who wishes to begin one should put up a separate post. I will happily take part in that. This post was to inform people if they are interested but did not know how to get the information needed in order to take part, if only to throw rotten eggs at the marchers.

On Sunday 29 November I shall be in the meadow chewing grass along with many other people personally, if the many walks are just that.

Not wishing to rant for or against these marches, nevertheless I believe in balance, so a little recent science might help some people to become thinkers rather than sheep. Please take a look at this link: