Gluten free food in Dieppe?

Just past Chatres so mind turns to food! This is our first trip since hubby has become gluten free so finding it all a bit of a mindfield :roll_eyes:

Anyone know of anywhere in Dieppe that does GF food???

Any decent restaurant with a chef will prepare gluten free. My wife was diagnosed celiac in 2000 and she has very few problems in France.

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Mcdonalds chips?

Chinese rice noodles and broth of some sort?

Restaurant with poached fish and steamed veg?

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McDo chips are not GF whatever they might claim
Chinese is typically loaded with MSG and to be avoided like the plague by celiacs.

There are a great number of restaurants in Dieppe, especially in the square and most open later than expected, you are bound to find something.

Are you sure? Can I eat monosodium glutamate (MSG)? - Coeliac UK.

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No agreement on that from Celiac USA.

Soy sauce is made from wheat, unless the Japanese variety!

While it is Theoretically gluten free most true celiacs react violently to MSG.

Shoyu usually has wheat in it but tamari doesn’t, both are Japanese.

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by now I would hope you’ve managed to find something suitable to eat ?? :wink:

We stopped at Burger King and he had 2 chips and a bag of carrots :see_no_evil: :rofl: it actually really well as the 8 year old was getting really stroppy and letting him have a play worked wonders!

37.5 when we left home, 19 now, I’m a bit cold in my shorts :rofl:

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Yes but the fermentation is supposed to break down the wheat gluten?

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I’d go to Rouen since it’s on the way.

Oh, wait


Glad you found some gluten free food on your journey…

For future (gluten free) reference,ie for the benefit of those less familiar with Dieppe, there are scores of fish restaurants (to suit all budgets) the length of the Quai Henri IV, the beautiful quayside street that runs along the marina/fishing port. A particular favourite (until I became vegetarian!) is Le Newhaven. There is also a reasonable Indian, the Taj Mahal continuing along the extension of the same quai. Plus numerous pavement cafés, fast food places etc that should cater for most tastes/budgets, including per local newspapers, a vegetarian café that’s just opened (though I haven’t yet located it).

Whilst not gluten free, the ferries themselves now proudly display vegan food (eg pies) in their onboard café…