Glycerine for Easy Royal Icing

Does anyone know where I might find glycerine? Saw a great and easy recipe for Christmas cake icing (3 egg whites, 675g icing sugar, 3 tsp lemon juice and 1.5 tsp glycerine).

Many thanks!

When I made elderflower cordial I used tartaric acid (bought at the pharmacy) but if you are anywhere near a winery you could get some from them as it's a by-product ...

Thank you for the lovely offer, Elaine but managed to get to the pharmacy and it cost 1,50€ for 50ml which I didn't think bad.

Didn't know you could get at the pharmacy! Thanks....good tip.

Those are the exact same reasons why we moved to France Carol, but I appreciate that the lifestyle doesn't suit everyone! Glad you enjoy coming for the holidays though - best of both worlds, hopefully?

I know...but got to the point when I realised I was moaning about this, that and everything in between and thought...maybe go back...and enjoy France for holidays...its working for me.

that's cheating!!

Hi Lynn...thanks for that.....(I took the easy way out...and moved back to the UK!) but we still own a couple of properties in France...but now I take everything out from here....

Hi Carol,

You can get critric acid from amazon believe it or not,

8€90 a kilo plus postage of around 5€

Seems that a lot of kitchen ingredients from the pharmacy...I made Elderflower cordial and had to buy Citric Acid, though was a tad shocked at the price. Here I buy a kilo for £10.....I paid 22 euros for 500 grams in France!

Dont worry too much if you cant find it. Your icing will be fine without it - it is only added to stop the icing drying too hard but personally I like it when the icing isteeth-cracking hard!

One thing I would say is to make sure you buy a good quality icing sugar (not Bien Vu or Top Budget type). I have bought some awful icing sugar here over the years that is not very fine and it does not make good icing.

Happy Xmas!

Yes,a bit mad but you get it in the chemist,tried all the cake isles everywhere and then a French friend told use here to go,hope that helps.

I always look like a loon, I've given up caring!! Happy icing!!

Thanks Lynn, that's what I hoped you'd say. I didn't dare go in and ask in case they didn't and I ended up looking like a loon!!

You can get it at the pharmacy Katherine, same word just pronounced differently!!