Go and do not come back

Just been banned from Anglo Info. Why, Answer for having the temerity to suggest that they're might be more amenable forums. Here's the interesting thing. I didn't express this view publically rather I sent a so-called private email to another poster suggesting SFN. So who's reading my "private" mails. Naturally AI has blocked my account though they haven't the courtesy to say that I have been blocked or why. What a bunch of....

That's a fine traditional posting Mr Gay, Sir. Couldn't agree more :)


You ought to speak to a relation of mine. When she, as a serf is dwelling in her serfdom and observing the lofty heights, will state; "But Karen, you don't understand, these are learn-ed people."

Even in Clumberwick I had to sit in the corner with a pointed hat. The mortar used to make my neck ache. So when I say pain in the neck I don't just mean horse nonsense. As for parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme, I've never been to Scarborough, so not me miss!

Sorry, sir. Forgot me place, Sir.

Tugs forelock and shuffles out backwards.

Karen don't you dare tell on Mr.Milne he's been to Oxenford and knows all there is to be knowed. Or in the words of the Sage of Lichfield he has been educated out of his wits. Despite the views of a certain purveyor of horse spunk most people on this forum are quite sensible albeit some are dangerous left wingers. However I feel that all of us would try to help anyone as best we can.

Don't worry - it'll be me that gets a clip round the head for snitchin'

No, no please, don't tell teacher. She'll censor me.

Miss. Miss. Mr Milne is picking on me!!!!

Ya wanna bet? Get your dukes up and defend yourself woman, opinions! Ha...

Sorry, had a bit of a turn, thought I had logged into Ants Irritate, Aliens Interfere or whatever the other one calls itself ;-)

You are joking!

They turn into right little Hitler's don't they? Control freaks.

I know I might be speaking too soon but SFN is one of the best forums I've been on.

The mods aren't overly in your face. You haven't got 'certain' people inflicting their advice and opinion on everyone all the time - and who are usually defended by their own little gang of protectors if you should have the temerity to disagree with aforementioned sage. And the information is actually helpful.

Re Angloinfo: I replied on a topic about a problem with a windows computer saying "I disagree" and on the next line I explained why...

looking the following morning I found my post had been changed to "I agree" and the following lines removed.

No THAT is taking the p*ss.

I only remember this because I had a friend that ran a forum once and he said they did have access to the PMs but they didn't read them. Of course if they do read them you have to prove that they've read them. And you can't.

I was also a member of a forum where they used to change the postings - and it didn't record that they had been edited - usually those of the mods.

So, they would say something nasty, you'd retort, then when you went back in their posting was all sweetness and light without evidence of editing and you looked like a right idiot!

They would also alter posters postings - and they have it in their terms and conditions and FAQ that they can do it! Not that they can take out offensive stuff - they just change 'em!

I got to screenshotting every post I made until I realised the whole thing was damn ridiculous!

I'm still getting the hang of posts 'jumping around' to a different time-line on here!!

Anyway, this must be a more effective forum for advertisers, as I've only ever tried to contact one advertiser on AI in over 10 years, a scrap-metal dealer that never gets back (also the same with several other members, apparently), whereas I opened an SF forum to see the benefits of a poele fan, etc...and after the threads and checking out the product, OH is getting one for Xmas stocking...or to keep said stockings more warm!

I still feel very uneasy about AI having the ability/temerity/foolishness, etc to gain access and read private mails between members, even if only the initial breakaway thread - thought i was imagining it after several suspicians...surely it's not legal, Rumpole?

Big Like Doreen :)

I was too quick off the mark to say I had had nothing this morning. I just went to look at the other account, lo and behold I have 'New AngloINFO Property Channel' in there instead of anything else. Spammed it, of course.

Now to put on my Machiavelli hat...

That figures.

Well, the two-faced little baskets are very quick to tell you that you cannot post the names of Medics et al because of French data protection issues but they continue to flout data protection law by utilising data which they have no right to maintain on their systems.

I recall a couple of years ago 'Giles' who used to run the Dordogne before HazelM offered up her cash saying in post that he welcomed users having multiple 'personas' because it increased the number of users on his site which was beneficial when selling advertising - "look how many people will see your advert" etc.

That's probably why they won't remove recalcitrant users like me - their user count will drop to about 20 per site ;-)

More or less the same with me. I quit a couple of years ago, effectively told them to bog off but those things still come plus the weekly 'bulletin' or whatever they call it. Strangely, coincidence or what (?) this week is the first ever I have not found one on that particular email account. Even spamming the things since most of the time since I quit has not stopped them coming. Like you, I thought they were bound by UK data protection regulations but clearly not. Perhaps calling them nasty names on here will prompt them to remove those of us who want 100% out definitively.