Go to work on an egg!

Who remembers the slogan…???

Hard to know who to listen to / believe - although I guess that was always the case! Lots of different articles on the chloine found in eggs (and notably milk and meat) being a cause for concern as far as prostate cancer is concerned :thinking:

Can Eggs Increase Prostate Cancer Risk ?

Call my cynical (!!!) but - I guess there must be a worldwide glut of eggs and French rosé wine at the moment - based on recent ‘news’ articles :slight_smile:

My Dad insisted on giving us kids a cooked breakfast before school… porridge followed by poached egg on toast… every weekday… for years… put me off porridge for life… although I can enjoy a poached egg if the yolk is still runny…:relaxed:

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'happiness is hegg-shaped…:wink:

Vive La France! 'olidays are egg-shaped … :heart_eyes::upside_down_face: