Goat meat

I am thinking about having a few goats on my grass next year so i dont have to spend as much time and fuel cutting it , and in the late autumn / winter ........ no more grasscutter ! But having never eaten it would like to buy some first to try and have asked around butchers etc and they dont sell it at all saying it just comes now and again at Fetes etc

anybody know why ?

or where it can be obtained ?


a small word of warning goats certainly will keep your grass down plus any flowers hedges small trees close by.so keep them well away from anything you dont want eaten particuarly if there is anything that belongs to a neighbour as the little buggers will eat it

For a recipe i have a few friend who live in montserat in the west indies,there they cook a dish called goat water there are even national compertitions on whoose is the best,each family have their own secret recipe the ones i have tasted and cooked are delish,you can find recipes on the net

Steve goats are not grazers they are browsers they wont keep your grass down though they will nibble bits here and there they will trim your hedges, we dont eat our goats and would never dream of doing so they are friendly comical animals fair more inteligent than people think, they dont like the rain and wont go out in it and know when its coming before you do and will be inside before you even think about it they havent got water proof coats , neither will they eat everything as most people think oh they will nibble at your clothes but only tasting , some plants are deadly dangerous, they also need their hooves triming every couple of months or so, they also need to be tagged in their ears and registered i know some dont bother and say it doesnt matter thats fine until the day comes and an inspector with a gendarme arrives then its 750€ fine per goat they are great escape artists if they dont want to be where you put them, i thought i had put mine in their paddock one morning until a knock came on the kitchen door it was the goats they followed me in the house i put them back and stood and watched the male goat lift the catch on the gate i kid you not revised gate catch required they have no fear of my dogs 4 Old English Sheepdogs being chased in fun by goats they will then all come back to me when called though the dogs do have a healthy respect for them a serious butt could do a lot of damage no wonder the French think i'm mad .

If you want lawn mowers sheep are the answer run them on for 12 months then freezer but they come with work hooves, shearing, worming, fly blow will kill a sheep a horible death very quickly stick to your mower if you only want to cut grass believe me its easier if you want to eat goat Auchan sell it

There's Roti Cuissot de Chevreuil in my latest Intermarche flyer - any good?