Going through Border Security without Brexit Visa

Hi everyone, Happy New year to all!

I wanted to gauge quickly and to see if anyone had experience with going through border security without having already obtained their physical carte du séjour? If yes, did border security has any issues or questions or just simply stamp your passport on exit?

Thanks in advance for you any advice!

You can get your passport stamped even if you have a CDS!

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Border Guards which way - leaving France or coming back into France?

I’ll be leaving France going back to the UK, but flying through Geneva airport as I’m located on the border…

Are you using the French entrance to the airport or going round into Switzerland?

Although as you are leaving they most likely won’t care hugely, but if you have no entry stamp and no CdS they may ask questions to check you are not an illegal or an overstayer. Take documents proving you live in France with you.


Entering through the Swiss side, so leave via Switzerland… yeah I have no entry stamp and yet to still obtain my physical CdS but do have my application conformation from the prefecture and of course plenty of documents showing my apartment address etc… so I assume will be then? I’m sure i’m just over worrying!

Probably! Generally people on their way out of a country are of little interest.

Do you know the staircase & corridor that takes you to the French side? As I wonder if they would be even less bothered than the Swiss?

Take all docs with you just in case! I travelled with a massive docs file when my CDS hadn’t arrived.

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No quit the same situation but coming through a very quite Spanish/French border I was stopped last week asked if the vehicle was mine and my passport they had no interest in my CDS I think it was trying to find out if I had outstanding vehicle infringements

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And did you get stopped at all by border security??!!

Yes I know where the French side of the airport is accessed from, but that only operates french domestic flights. I need to fly to the UK :slight_smile:

From the French side you can go down some escalators that takes you straight to a little security screening, beside duty free. Labelled A B C for the terminal areas/boarding bates. We park on French side, so I use that as tends to be no queues.

Domestic French planes come in that side and passenger’s have to transit to international flights via this escalator.