Golden Lab girl needs a family to love

Hi - and thank you to all for being here to help companion animals in France in need of help.

I’m here with a plea for a new home for a Golden Lab girl, about 4 years old, found starving about 6 months ago and now in need to a home sooner than later.

I posted about her in Dogs, Dogs, Dogs before I found this group.

Thank you so much for considering helping her. I am willing to drive a couple of hours to rehome her if needed.


very weird.

just resent my email using my gmail account.

Thank you very much for this suggestion Lynn.

I’ll try a first draft on Google translate then give to my traductrice to confirm it’s ok (which it likely won’t be :slight_smile:

Gosh, but this gets complicated, however totally worth the effort to know she will spend the rest of her life sharing her love with a family.

Just speaking from Experience Pam, even though this dog may not belong to these people, get them to sign an agreement that the dog can be rehomed.
This is just in case, in a few weeks time they suddenly decided that they’d like her back!

Hi Nigel,

No provider needed as it’s linked to my own website

so pam @ should work.

Just checked, the lovely lady is still there, but the woman I’ve spoken to about adoptions is not. She is the sister of the person who owns the place and seems to be the one with the greatest interest in Canelle. How’s your French?

mai, oui!

Hi Nigel,

Gosh, I’m sorry, somehow I missed this. Perhaps it just came in my notice today as I found it when my daily email from Survive France arrived.

This adds some interest then as there is a lady near Perigueux also interested. Could you send me an email on my personal email addy? Trusting it will arrive ok
pam at

I’ll be going down to the chambre d’hote/shop this afternoon to check in with them. I can no longer see her from outside their yard. I can’t imagine she has disappeared in the last 3 days as she has been there many months now.

How is your French Nigel? Mine is pathetic, so hard to speak with the people who have her, but they said they would be very happy if I could home her as they have not.

Hi Pam,
Wishing you best of luck with the rehoming
have a look at
I have also give a link to Pet Rescue so I hope they will get in touch


oops. Not hard to tell I’m a cat person. Thx to Lorraine Orton, clearly a dog person, for clarifying.