Golden Lab girl needs a home: Dordogne/Sarlat

Hello All,

One of our neighbors, who run a chambre dote and small shop, kindly took in a lost, starving golden lab girl about six months ago.

She was so thin at the time her head looked completely out of proportion to her skin and bones physique. She is much better now, but unfortunately they now have her on a 3 meter lead and she can no longer greet all who come to the shop. She is looking sadder and thinner now as each week goes on and clearly needs a family to love her as soon as possible.

It’s estimated she is 4 years old and I can testify she is a typical lab, just so full of love and joy for the whole world - even when she was starving thin.

You can contact me via email pam at or phone 05 53 31 01 10 - though since I switched to Orange Internet phone I can’t pick my voice mail. sigh.

thank you for your help for this beautiful dog.


Very good news for Cannelle, now called Dottie, because she has a little black dot on her tongue.

She has been with her new family for several weeks now and I last heard at the two week point and all was well. The family has a young boy, who is in love of course, and they have time to walk Dottie and give her attention. She has settled in nicely to a home with cats with no problem.

At first visit the vet said she had fleas, worms and was still, despite looking so much better, still about 5 kilos underweight. I’m sure the underweight will be resolved shortly.

The meet and exchange was quite touching as the people who had taken her in made sure she was nicely brushed and looking for her new family, so their care was obvious.

There you go, a happy story. Thank you to all who replied.

Well done Pam! It seems that she will find a really good home. Without your intervention it wouldn’t have happened. Hope it all works out!

so far looking good I think. All fingers and toes crossed. I’ve been imagining how wonderful it will feel to hand Cannelle over to someone who will truly love her.

It sounds like Colleen has the answer :slight_smile: It would be nice to know she’s in good hands. If that falls through then let me know.

Hi Angela,

Oh my, that’s a little ways away.

I could get her down the motorway to Toulouse, then we’d need a ride maybe to Narbonne, then Montpellier, Marseille. Could you go so far as Marseille to get her?

My hubby would think I was nuts donating that much gas money, but no point in saying you love animals if you are not willing to do you bit when the opportunity comes up. I am driving to Toulouse for a morning flight on June 21, but leaving at 6:15 or so anyway, and perhaps a bit risky to try a meet up when catching a plane.Missing the plane would be very expensive indeed.

Maybe I should start a new thread?

I have not had any other nibbles yet, but it is only a day. I did post on Anglo-Info, but in true AI form, they took it down 'cause there was no tatoo. I’ll go today and see if there is a tatoo. I wish my French was better to learn more about her.


Just to add that I live in Alpes Maritimes not too far from Grasse…

If some sort of chain could be set up I’d be happy to take her and so would my two Golden boys!

Let me know if I can help, Pam. Maybe a chain of transport could be set up if someone offers to have her?

Hi Pam How is it going ?? are you having any luck finding a home ? G.

I’d love to have her but we’re simply too far away. It breaks my heart…

Thanks Lucinda! I’ve just posted on AngloInfo, with the corrected news she is a Golden Retriever, not a lab.

She’s a GOLDEN RETRIEVER!!! Thanks Lorraine! You can tell I’m a cat person more than a dog person. But agreed, she needs a family and would be a gorgeous pet.

I’ll see if I can correct the subject line - probably not?

This girl is not a lab! She is a beautiful golden retriever who will make a gorgeous pet. Good luck! If I didn’t have five already…