Golden Retrievers

Does anyone know of any Golden Retriever breeders in the South West of France?

No, but there is a wonderful breeder of Bernese Mountain dogs in Lanouaille. Really fine and very sweet dogs.

Thank you Alan. Very helpful.

Thank you Elaine, I have sent her an email.

Thank you John, but the site seems to be a little out of date. I will try some of the urls listed.

Thank you Lynn, I have sent them an email.

Further to my post, there is an International Dog Show at Castres on the 18th November. The judge of Goldens, Mme Charlot, is from Gironde, and is an expert on the breed. It should be a good chance to see some of the top breeders from France, Italy and Northern Spain. We should be there with at least one of our Springer Spaniels.

If you want any further information contact me via this site.

Alan Andrews Strathummel Gundogs

There is one not far from Chats du Quercy Cat Rescue Centre - in Esmes, Tarn et Garonne

I have no personal knowledge of what they are like.

There are plenty of Golden Retriever breeders in the SW, but do you want a show or working bred dog? This is important!!! Also or equal importance is to make sure you buy from a breeder who has done the required health screening for the breed. Don't go to a breeder just because they have breed champions, but igf they have they will probably be up with health checks.

First port of call should be, also the website for Royal Canine dog food, as they have a search facility to look for breeders by region and breed of dog. Also check out Cathy Tsinkos she has both show and working dogs. Cathy lives at Castre, and you can mention my name.

Regards: Alan Andrews try this one Try the Golden Retriever Club France they should be able to help