Good bye to the euro

Not intending to create panic but if ther euro collapses it is pretty

obvious that sales of French property to europeans will drop to almost zero?

Of course there are other buyers out there including the French.

But property will be harder to sell.
On the other hand we will probably re establish France as a major destination for holidays relating to the exchange rate....for Brits.And as travel becomes even more exspensive we are an option as we are approcable by rail, road and sea as well as flight.

All of this is obvious but have you thought about it?

Preparing for it right now James - thanks for the heads up :)))

Exactly, thanks for adding that.

Bought one of those, but a cheap one but then we needed a project not a luxury place in the sun for the sheer hell of it.

If the Euro collapses do not imagine Sterling is immune. Stop dreaming UKIP nightmares barbara.

oh so true and let's hope they manage to find a way out of this mess that doesn't hurt too much!

The Euro is the second currency, in terms of trade and exchange, in the world after the US-dollar. When that collapses the resulting impact and chaos will be huge; the price of houses in France will be the least of your worries. ;-)

The market isn't good at all but it very much depends where and what you're selling - I bought for 35 000 in the spring and have just tied up a sale less than a year later at 45 000. But different product and different area and we've only had a couple of people interested in our main house (both French by the way - see my earlier posting asking for advice on reaching anglophone buyers as I'm so out of touch with the expat world I haven't got a clue - yes even as an ex-estate agent - I'm "too integrated" if that's possible, this being my only anglophone contact here in france!)

first paragraph - wrong - I've just sold to a french bloke, second paragraph right - yes they simply can't understand why brits but piles of stones in the middle of nowhere which will take years of renovating to get them in a fit state. All good fun James ;-)

1.2 isn't bad given recent rates but when I came over years ago I got 1.45!!! and you seem to be basing french property prices on the tiny expat market - the french do buy and sell in their own country too you know ;-)

yes AS I imagine dragging down the price of property in general?

Please explain why?
Currently it is good for clients to come from Uk they get 1.20 PER POUND.

That is now

But to move her when the financial structure will be in caos could be different.

Or perhaps you have a more cosy interpritation of the situatiion?