Good deal on flights within France

(Kirsten Monteil) #1

I don't even remember what any of the airlines that fly around the EU are called to do a search. We are visiting family in Montélimar in October and want to take as little time away from them as possible to visit friends near Bordeaux. Driving, heck even the train takes too long. Looking for a flight from Nimes to Bordeaux. I tried a search engine, 'Skyscanner', but it turned up zero flights with my parameters. So I think I'd like to check out a few different airlines directly, but I only know of Air France. Everyone - feel free to give me some airlines' names. Thanks everyone for your feedback.

(Kirsten Monteil) #2

Great suggestions guys, I really appreciate it! :)

(Steve YATES 2) #3

Hossegor website lists these as local airports :>
- Aéroport de Biarritz-Parme à 35 km
- Aéroport de Behobia San Sebastian (Espagne) à 58 km.
- Aéroport de Pau Pyrénées à 110 km.

(Kirsten Monteil) #4

Thanks Bruce, that was a Devine tidbit of information :D

(Bruce Brewer) #5

We've used Volotea from Nantes to Mallorca and they're a Spanish cheapo on a par with British ones. We are using EasyJet from Bordeaux to Lisbon soon, which was very cheap.

(Kirsten Monteil) #6

Yes, I erroneously thought that since Nimes is a rather large city with an airport...... Looks like Marseilles is going to be our best bet, loads of flights to Bordeaux. We have people there too, so we can spend a few hours with them before and after our Bordeaux trip, (quite efficient), with only 3 weeks there in France, too short, sniff sniff :(

(Véronique Langlands) #7

I think (may well be wrong) that Nîmes airport has only Ryanair flights to Luton/Fès/Brussels

(Kirsten Monteil) #8

Great comments by all, and food for thought Véronique. I thought it would take longer than 4.5 hours. Our friends are actually in Hossegor (I think it is south of Bordeaux), and they would be picking us up by car, so it may be actually more convenient for them. I just thought because Nimes had that big airport.... didn't consider they might not offer smaller flights.

Thanks David, we have people in Marseilles too, maybe we could go from there. Thanks everyone.

(Véronique Langlands) #9

You can try Vueling, Volotea, even Easyjet - there are probably others. The closest airport for Nîmes is likely to be Montpellier (it is the closest big station)

HOWEVER - my daughter did Nîmes-Bordeaux via Montpellier by train on Friday, once you get to Montpellier (about 20 minutes) it takes 4hrs 15 or 4hrs 30 minutes and you have the advantage of being in the middle of town (the airport shuttle in Bordeaux takes 30 minutes to get you into the middle of town ie the station ;-) ) by the time you factor in the waiting around at airports, the train may be quicker...

(David GAY) #10

Hop which is Air France's idea of low cost fly Bordeaux Marseilles Marignane which is not so far from Nimes

(Kirsten Monteil) #11

Bummer, the search turned up zero, maybe they don't even have any flights between Nimes and Bordeaux. I'll ask my sister-in-law to check it out (in France).

(Kirsten Monteil) #12

Thanks Ivan, I'll check it out. :D

(Ivan Blogovic) #13

Skyscanner is a good source for bargain flights.