Good dog chews?

Does anyone have any recommendations for good dog chews? Just whilst we still have some furniture left?

I have tried antler pieces and yak chews off Amazon. To be honest they are expensive and don’t last long.

Any tips gratefully received!

Give the dog a bone… your local butcher might be able to help…

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And risk a 90€ vet’s bill for sawing said bone off the dog’s jaw. We do still give him bones but make sure the dimensions are absolutely right!

We also have ones like these, but with a filling to keep him interested. And which don’t seem to shed plastic, so it takes him about 18 months to get through one. Softer things, like extra Kongs, he manages to eat.

(Edit: this is what we get him, or rather he gets semt one for christmas every year… )

We used to give our wolfhound pigs ears.

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Thank you Jane. I will give those a try. I did have a small nylabone when they were younger and was worried about the bits of plastic but saw on your link it is not dangerous.

@22pilgrim pigs ears and cows ears last all of five minutes here! Not that Lexi doesn’t enjoy them :slight_smile: The bull pizzle sticks lasted a bit longer about 20 minutes but they are extortionate.

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Yes I can’t believe the price of pigs ears and gone in seconds…!

In uk I used to get beef trachea but gave it to them raw and frozen…also hooves filled with green tripe but likewise gave it frozen…they last a while too and the hooves can be refilled with something or other and put back in the freezer to be given again…

I also usually had venison bones in the freezer and once they had gnawed the meat away the bone lasted a while and gave lots of gnawing pleasure…I’ve seen venison bone available air dried/freeze dried so may be an option…???

My two elders are way past the chewing the furniture phase but for my new pup still in uk with my daughter until mid October I’ve got him frozen beef ribs which again once the meat is gnawed off don’t smell but still give lots of gnawing pleasure…and also chicken feet and fish skin twists…fish skin doesn’t last long but contributes to daily food intake…chicken feet last a a while and are relatively inexpensive but he’s still only 10 weeks old (on monday) so I’ll no doubt be upping the delivery of those very shortly :grinning:

Do you have an enclosed space outside for them…??? Mine as pups would happily lie down outside for several hours with venison/beef ribs/frozen filled hooves/frozen trachea…although my uk garden did rather resemble a garden of horrors for the mower lol…:grinning:

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I’ve never given nylabones due to the same fear…and I’m not convinced that anything plastic should be a part of a pups daily routine…I’m wary of rawhide chews too and have never given them either…

I kind of think that it’s best to not stray too far from Mother Nature’s wisdom and that ultimately she knows best and that giving them anything plastic to try and gnaw/eat is never a good choice…

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Unfortunately our vet’s bills say otherwise. Maybe he is accident prone but, apart from pigs ears that last seconds, we have had a number of bad experiences with bones of various descriptions. And rawhide chews too.

If anyone is near enough to collect it I have several kilos of frozen free range pigs liver. No one here will eat it so if anyone wants it for their raw fed pooches…