Good Luck to the Bride and Groom

This seems to have been a delightful wedding… always nice to see folk enjoying themselves… :hugs:

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A sustainable wedding too. No plastics used. Seem to be a lovely and in love couple.

They have been together for more than six years, no flash in the pan romance.

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I thought the Duchess of Sussex looked glowing, even my husband remarked on it. I wonder if there will be an announcement soon.

Shocking waste of public money!
My favourite royal is Anne; a true realist. No unnecessary titles for her children who just get on in life through their own efforts. When they married, there was no faux state event in spite of them also being the sovereign’s grandchildren but ‘airmiles’ Andy likes to stick his snout deeper in the trough and his daughter is certainly no different.

Why so, what bit of the spend do you object to most?

I have to say I was surprised at the number who turned out on a Friday but that does confirm the popularity of the Royals ( with a lot of people)

At the risk of sounding like a grouch, when the train goes by, the cows look at it…

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£2m (for security) just so she can have a jaunt up the ‘long walk’ in a carriage like her cousin.
Don’t get me wrong, I wish them all the happiness in the world like I would any other couple getting married but this excursion was just extreme.

Yes, that’s the figure I heard and it is the main expense to the public purse.

However, the guest list was pretty ‘A’ list including not only the reigning monarch but pretty much everyone in line to the throne down to Eugenie (who is 9th) - the event would have been a major security risk wherever it was held, and who wouldn’t want their mum, dad, grandparents, aunts and uncles to attend their wedding?

In any case how much of the £2 million was a) salary paid to people who would have been on duty somewhere, b) overtime paid to ordinary uniformed officers who could probably use the extra cash, c) went to provide security for people who would have it anyway so not necessarily “extra” in the grand scheme of things (principally this would be HRH/Phillip, Charles, William & Harry).

In any case, assuming most of the £2m goes on manpower about 1/3 will go straight back to government coffers in income tax and NI, a good bit will come back quickly in “1st order” indirect taxation (i.e VAT & duties on goods bought by the direct recipients of the extra cash) and the rest will filter back through the exchequer at some point. That’s the thing with a closed economy - if you “spend” money within the economy it doesn’t disappear it circulates around, if the government “spends” money it tends to get a good bit of it back as it does the circulating.


Excellent analysis Paul. :+1:


Try telling that to Mrs May when she bombasts JC over his spending plans for the economy :grin:

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