Good Neighbours - quiz

Interestingly I am not exactly a “bad” neighbour… but…

Well, I got 6/10 - which is interesting because, apart from the local rules on “noisy” garden equipment I had no idea and just guessed.

Same here, I got the same score with a minimum of local knowledge about the topics covered, but they seemed to parallel the good neighbour protocols in UK. I wasn’t sure of the huissiers powers, and my answer was wrong, but erred on the side of caution. A useful quiz. I’ve also loaded a French ‘Highway Code’ app onto my phone (Code de la Route 2018), it has similar quizzes that are helpful in the same way as the voisinage one was.

One that fooled me… the noisy party. I honestly felt that if one had warned/advised and probably invited the neighbours… all would be well… but NO… :open_mouth:

In the UK, we didn’t have noisy parties that often, but always got the neighbours’ approval/consent well beforehand… and all went OK, whether they joined us or not… :relaxed:

The “mowing on a Sunday” question got me - in fact I think it’s a bit unfair.

Locally we are “allowed” 10-12, (I guess “good” people will be in Church and not able to hear :slight_smile: ) but that is obviously not universal so it’s hard to know which way to go and I got the guess wrong.

8/10 right…got the BBQ one wrong, the Sunday mowing one was unfair because I know that you can’t mow before 10 am or after noon (same as on fete days) so I put no :slight_smile:

Quite pleased I don’t have any neighbours :grin::grin: