Good News Thread - ongoing for 2020

Very lucky escape for this young driver. :hugs:

As a teenager, I had a friend who drowned in a Suffolk ditch, in similar circumstances. Sadly, the route was rarely used and she was not found until it was too late… :pensive:

Same thing happened here many years ago Stella…a local chap recounted how his friend wasn’t found 'til the morning after, & drowned in the ditch, next to the main road.

Ghastly… that is why I was so chuffed to see this chap had some good luck.

There is so much violence/horror in the News at the moment… this really cheered me up.

Hard earned and well deserved millions!

What a miserable bunch of pessimists you all are!
Post a bit of good news and nobody has anything to say.
“Yeah right, now lets look for some bad news and we’ll all have a unique insight to share with the rest of the world!”

Give us a chance! You only posted this morning and I’ve been cleaning and disinfecting our gîte all day… Getting this virus controlled can’t come soon enough for me.

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Oh yes, Saturday! Don’t remind me. . . …

So if the virus doesn’t kill you - all of the extra cleaning will!

Be interesting to see how this pans out… fingers crossed it will become approved and be available asap …

and I have no problem with the folk making their money

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Yep, likewise, then it was beer o’clock :beer::beer::beer::beer::sunglasses:

Well, I suggest, instead of calling the new SNG001 drug pillozub or linoledab or some similar horror we dub it Snog-Hooey.

More fun in an optimistic raunchy-perky sort of way. :laughing::yum::heart:

So long as it doesn’t turn out to be 'SNOGood!

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Well, one thing is for certain, he didn’t go down to kill it to eat it!

magnificent bird, that Eagle Owl… :relaxed: we’ve got all sorts round here… but not that one… not that I’ve seen, anyway…

All’s well that ends well!