Good news with a caveat for WASPI women

I’ll let you read it yourself

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Big caveat:

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I wonder what the next government’s view is/will be🤔. I’m interested as my OH has been badly affected (and "belongs " to WASPI)

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It will be a paltry offering to try and shut the ladies up. Considering how much our useless Gov wasted during covid etc they could have afforded the whole amount. May this lot not see power for many many years.

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My other half shouted down the minister who tried to placate them on a march. She said you are all right because you have a big fat pension paid for by us! That caused quite a stir!

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From the Financial Press today
"The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman has ruled women affected by state pension age changes are owed compensation by the government…It ruled the DWP failed to adequately communicate changes to women’s state pension age and therefore those affected are owed compensation…

“The DWP has “clearly indicated” it will refuse to comply.”

Anyone affected, don’t spend your 2p all at once as and when anything is done. So far as I can tell people who suddenly lost 6 years’ pension without notice, might have lost in excess of £40k in the worst case. A generous MP was apparently talking about up to £10k as a maximum remedy in some cases last month. The UK government has had to be dragged and dragged even to this.

Never Mind It’s Only Women.


When I was training at Royal & Sun Alliance, Annie the trainer and encylopedia of pensions went over the changes and how the gov were keeping it really quiet. She said way back then it was an outrage.

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It wasn’t only women though. Much less publicised certainly, but men born between October 1954 and early April 1955 were also affected. I was one of them.


How was that, Ally?

If you were a man born in that period you reached the age of 65 when that was still the retirement age for men. A hastily produced letter was sent to those affected telling us that our pensions would be paid on reaching 66. The copy of the letter i received looked like a fourth or fifth generation photocopy rather than a printed letter. The guy who took my call was so well rehearsed in his response it was obvious they were geared up for the reaction to the letter.

At least you got a letter.

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I’m not seeing how such a tiny amount as £3k is even being mooted as compo here. £10k not enough either. We are talking multiples of that.

As someone else has said this is absolutely outrageous given the amounts that were wasted in covid and still are in so many ways.

Sc***ing women is one thing that seems to have united the political parties, however, over the long period this had been arranged by Labour? worsened by the Conservatives? And still no info to the people concerned.

Ah well… It’s Only Women.


I’m not sure people are aware of the scale of any possible compensation, worst case could be north of £200 billion, no government is going to sanction that willingly.

Exactly, thats why it will be a paltry amount to shut waspi up a bit like the postal horizon scenario.

It’ll never reach worst case scenario because these women are dying off as we speak. I understand that approaching 10% already have. A decent settlement in the form of a phased payment over a handful of years would amount to a tiny percentage of GDP. In addition many of the affected women would have received other means tested state benefits during the affected period so there will be a massive clawback for the government.

Even the minimum compensation that the women are asking for comes to over £36 billion, given that Labour have already ditched their ‘Green Deal’ costing £28 billion are they really likely to shell out more for the WASPI’s?

£200bn is not really a lot at all, @Tim17, in the context of government finances. Not even if it all falls into just 1 year. And the harm done by a government agency the DWP, has been found to have occurred over many, many years. Those sums are tiny, towards righting a wrong of that size affecting over 50% of the population of pensioners falling into the period affected.

It’s a one-off cost to right a wrong, and even 5 times that smll bn amount in the overall context, wouldn’t really matter.

Unfortunately it seems Therese Coffey and her DWP colleagues can’t be prosecuted personally for the harm many people have suffered (Yes, women are people Tim17, and currently they are more than half the UK population :slight_smile: ). At least the government, now that they’ve at last not managed to ignore and weasel out of it, needs to step up and make it right.

And not just toss the little women chickenfeed.

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One benefit of being older I suppose.

But £200 billion is!

I meant bilions. Mistyped, thank you I will correct my post.

Still chickenfeed though and billions was what I meant.