Good old Orange!

Yesterday afternoon internet went 'poooof'! Since we also have only an internet phone, that was gone. However a good old mobile saved the day. Orange would not say what it was, just said that it would be back on around 1800 this evening. Most people were off line in this area, but not all, mostly Orange users too, but also SFR. So, one can deduce that it was somehow or other selective and most rather than all people. There was no warning it would happen, other people have also been unable to solicit a reason, excuse or by your leave from them. Just 26 hours no ADSL, people with businesses who need it for their work and pay for a professional connection had precisely the same treatment. Where I went to use my tablet the café owner was going crazy. He has a supplier who only takes online orders, they could not take them by telephone as an exception because staff no longer have the means by which to put orders in the system manually, he also had some bills to pay immediately, but hey-ho Orange did not even make sympathetic sounds.

Will we all be receiving one of their silly vouchers again. Last time we were inconvenienced they sent everybody a voucher that could only be used at an Orange shop or sales agency and had a very short validity. I would rather have an apology and a reason why.

I wonder if it was all to with OS providers, like Apple with their ‘iOS’ which has just been updated from IOS8 to 9’ came In to play There so many ’ mobile’ (phone and tablet) users out there now, it must be increasing the usage on the airways, there’s alreadŷ been a warning on a different discussion title about Charges on Orange!

if that is the reason Perhaps and SFR were working in conjunction with each other to cover different /departmentregions around the country at the same time. They certainly wouldn’t tell customers that would they. Yes definitely sounds like planned work to me Brian, given they could categorically state coverage will be on at ???hr and affected DECT phones as well using the same wifi system.

How frequently now do the complaints arise about orange. it needs someone to TAlk to Alistair in the Orange Tech Dept., and try and get the lowdown. But up here they are based in Nantes, there are different regional offices I was told!