Good place to buy 2nd hand kids stuff?

In the UK I’d use Ebay but there doesn’t seem to be much on there in France, what is on its very expensive.
Is there a different website people use in France?

Not sure about second hand clothes, but DistriCenters are cheap for baby stuff, well not very expensive

Funnily enough I have just written an article about this which is in the Dec issue of French Property News!

Vinted is the place to go - really easy to use and great place to buy and sell.

And look around for charity shops - not Emmaus as that rarely does clothes, but we have one called Oasis that support a disabled kids project and another for a children’ association. In normal times there are special puériculture “vide greniers” as well as the ordinary ones being more and more about kids clothes and toys.


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yep, leboncoin, vinted and marketplace (on facebook)

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Yup and FB marketplace is usually hyper local - I have often met people in the local supermarket car park to hand stuff over which is ideal given the lack of space on the attestation for ‘popping out to purchase second hand kids clothing’!

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There is a category for collecting ordered goods at a point relais…just about the same?

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I haven’t tried Vinted yet although the teen has a friend who uses it a lot but mine said the postage can be high when you are having to pay per item so we usually end up on Zalando for him.

I’ve also picked up great bits from Le Bon Coin.

Our village associatoin has a 3 x a year ‘Fripperie’ where you pay €7 a bag and fill it with what you want, we now also have a new permanent stand where you give a donation per peice, so try looking up around you.

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