Good sites for crafters

If you have a site you like for your favourite craft, please add it here.

I can then, just like the food group, create a list of visible links for the group to use.

Anything goes - anything from beading to basket weaving, crochet to corn dollies..........


I like a Facebook group called Crafting in France together. People who live in France and like craft basically. Not a commercial site and has lovely links to inspiring pages. Very friendly

Thanks Joan

I think Etsy offers a real point of difference for selling craft,which ebay just doesn't have in my opinion.

I think you may well get a lot of enquiries about selling on Etsy - maybe worth setting up a separate discussion?

Hi Helen

I sell my jewellery / bijouterie on Etsy here

But Etsy also has suppliers for beading, quilting, knitting, embroidery, the list goes on and on, it's an enormous site. See link here

If anyone would like some advice about selling on Etsy, just drop me a line,

I'm moving to France at the end of February, so hope to continue when I get there.

Would love to set up an Etsy linked craft / art group, anyone interested?

Cheers from Scotland


If you love crocheting like me you`ll love Lucy`s blog. She has lots of tutorials and patterns for all the things she has made. She also talks about other things but mainly crochet. You can find her blog at

There is also for advice too. Ah just seen someone else pipped me at the post on this one!!

Just done it!

Oh that would be good and when I am not busy typing if I can help anyone I am more than happy to do so.

Will get on and post these up asap Susan!

Thanks Margo - I have put up Favecrafts, and I will put the others on on our space above.

Hi Patsie - I will set up a spinning and weaving discussion, and perhaps a felting one too, as it seems to be very popular at the moment

I am, when I have the time, and other crafts permitting, a spinner and weaver and sometimes felter. http:/// is extremely good for fiber needs and equipment and there are some good groups on ravelry for spinners, knitters etc., also there is maco merinos who supply a lovely merino roving for spinning and dying.


I hope it's ok to tell you about my own jewellery making supplies site?! In the UK I made jewellery to sell but nowadays just make it for friends and family and have got a small eBay store from which I sell jewellery making items. If anyone on SFN would like to buy from me outside of eBay I can offer a 10% discount on my prices (excluding postage), all you would need to do is tell me what you would like and I can send an invoice out through paypal. I sell on eBay UK so the prices are in pounds, but payment in Euros is better if possible as it saves paypals rip off exchange rate! I live in St Gervais Les Bains in Haute Savoie so items are posted from there, although if you happen to live nearby you'd be welcome to call in and save postage costs!

My ebay site is to take a look and email address for any enquiries is

I give a quick, efficient and friendly service



Hi All!

I'm a quilter and have been using this site for free quilt block patterns for years. . There is also the quilt index and for knitting and crochet ideas.