Good TEFL books

HI all,

I have got my very first private lesson this week and am both happy and terrified! I have lots of ideas for the first lesson,getting to know each other and assesment as I have no idea what level he is at. I am looking to start investing in someTEFL books, and wonder whether any of you have any recommendations for me? Thanks for any help you can give.

Thank you for this I have no idea at the moment what his level is or his goals but I need some Business Englsih books so will take a look at these. I have found many internet sites and am gradually whittling them down so you suggestions on these will help me weed out the good from the not so good far more quickly.

Depends on what he is looking for : my abosolute favourite business related tool kit is Business Builder by Paul Emmerson

for more technical stuff you can't go wrong with Tech Talk by Vicky Hollet and for some quick activities the Reward series is quite good but getting bit dated now. loads of good internet sites: world service, brit consulate,;; to name but a few...

Bon courage


Thank you so much for your suggetsions and good luck wishes the English Grammar book has come up several times so I will definitely go for that one.

Good luck Briony. I am about a third way through my course so following closely in your footsteps. Hope all goes well.

My favorites are:

English Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy. This comes, I think, in a beginner and a more advanced edition.

Teaching Tenses by Rosemary Aitken. Great for those sticky subjects like the Present Perfect.

Good luck!