Good vet 1/2 hour south of Limoges?

Anyone know a good vet near St. Germain les Belles? Prepared to drive to Limoges. (Companion animal, cat.)

We haven’t moved yet but finding a vet is part of our criteria, Thiviers has a very big practice,(apparently excellent), there is also one at Uzerche, (this one just as you come into Uzerche on D920 by route d’Espartignac).Tulle and Seilhac also have vets and I think Chalus has a one too and would be surprised if there isn’t one ar St Yrieux.
Good luck and hope you won’t need to go too often!!

you might find this site useful

just put in a postcode and away you go…

Brilliant thank you. :bird::rooster::rooster::rooster::rooster::rooster:

Merci Stella (& Wendy.) I did enter my postcode but it didn’t work on that alone. I’m thinking they want name number rank serial number first born’s shoe size and I’m not willing to give quite that much info up front! I found Clinique Vanteaux in Limoges recommended by a local vet in Chateauneuf la Forêt and so far they seem pretty good! They got us in quickly and have all the high tech tools to enable quick diagnosis i.e. ultrasound. My vet also spoke English as under duress my French falters so that was most welcome. Good staff, great parking, fairly good access. Now if only they’d take me on as a patient as I’m still on lookout for good Doctor!:slight_smile:

Can recommend Dr Leventoux at Eymoutiers. Very kind , very good Dr and speaks very good English . You can find the address in Pages Jaunes as it escapes me at the moment .


Now then… what have you been up to… I have just done it 3 times… with simply… 3 different postcodes… and then pressed Recherchez… and it comes with a list of whoever is local to that postcode…

Take more water in your wine… and try again… I gave no other info whatsoever…:relaxed:

Ha ha! Was using iPad (with enhanced security) that was maybe why it didn’t work for me. Do they have a site like that for human doctors do you know? (While adding more water to wine…) :wink:

Hi Pam. Thx so much for this! He’s only 30 minutes away. I will definitely consider him, thanks again! xo