Google Chrome the back button

I use Chrome as my browser of choice. In the past couple of weeks I've noticed that the back buton (the same one you hold down to view your history) has stopped working. Doing a bit of a search it would seem that this is a common problem but I fail to understand the suggestions of how to remedy the situation. Anyone got a simple answer?

It has miraculously today risen from the dead without intervention on my part.

I would seem to be in the same position as you Brian. No extensions no Adblock. Very irritating.

I have the same as David at present, at present I have no Chrome Extensions and Adblock is not enabled because somebody else told me that might be a solution. I am doing some maintenance on my daughter's laptop at the moment and have exactly the same happening there.

It is more irritating than anything. My 'solution' has been to double click back then click once forward. It is a tiny inconvenience but then I saw a whole forum with I imagine hundreds of people asking how to resolve this and so many different remedies I gave up even trying.

Hi David,

I have run into this problem before, but it seems to more related to individual web sites that implement code in their pages that returns you to the same page again and again when you press the back button. Have you tried various different web sites to check if this is the case? The only way around it that I know, as you mention, is to click and hold down the back button until you see a list of previous pages and then select the page that you would like to go back to.


Have you recently enabled Adblock? This is reported as giving rise to this problem.

If you're not sure, click the 3 line (hamburger) menu at the top right corner of your Chrome screen. Then click Settings. This will open a new screen, where you should click Extensions at the topleft. This shows which Chrome Extensions (if any) have been enabled.