Google dumping Australia

It is reported from Australia that the Gov’ will make Google pay for media/ news information, in return Google is threatening to remove acsess to the search engine used daily for 95% of searches…any suggestions what an Aussie will use…and France apparently is threatening to hit Google with a tax levy , though I don’t know the details.

Fantastic, maybe people will start looking at some of the less spying alternatives!

Well I’m an Aussie and i’ve not used Google for many years. I use DuckDuckGo and Start page.

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Maybe the thread title should be "Australia dumping Google " :joy:

I use DuckDuckGo and Startpage too… haven’t touched Google for years either.

(Not an Aussie though!)

yep…better ambition, but to be strictly accurate its Google who will pull plug…possibly
I’m aware of DuckDuckGo, but what is Start page

Before privacy concerns became as apparent as they now are, I always used Dogpile as it is/was a metasearch engine and threw up much more appropriate results than Google (although it has Google along with many others “underneath” it.)
I haven’t used it recently as I haven’t needed the breadth of searches that I had before.

It is very good

viz a viz DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo for me.

Been reading comments and have now looked at DuckDuckGo and Startpage and seem more customer caring …but if they do all this blocking and shielding just how do they earn a crust?! Are they really as altruistic as they might seem. Do you lose any functionality. I find the translate page option in Google chrome very useful…if you use DDgo and Startpage does this still work .

I use DuckDuckGo’s browser. I’ve used it for several years now. Not sure how different it is from DuckDuckGo’s default search page. Does anyone know?

Hi John, regarding translators, it’s hard for me to stop my habit of using the Google translator. However, I’ve used this one frequently and it’s pretty good: DeepL Translate

I’ve used standalone translators, but the advantage of Google Chrome is that it translates the pages automatically.
Sorry to seem thick but but do you set as default browser in Windows 10 tp (is this possible) then use say Startpage as search engine?

Hi John,

I’m the thick one! I don’t actually use StartPage. I do use as my default … hmmm, I said it’s my browser. I might have misused that term; should’ve said it’s the search engine I use. The browser I use is Firefox. Sorry. My OS is not Windows 10; I use a Mac.