Google Outage 14/12/20

This mentions the USA and UK (amongst others) but curiously not France although we did experience the outage here.

My Google Workspace went down for about 2 hours - not very reassuring :wink: Fortunately, I have a backup synchronisation system and an alternative mail server/address.

Just shows how easy it is to disrupt the lives of hundreds of millions across the world.

Iā€™d love to be a fly on the wall for that outage review :flushed:

An own goal by Google and its automation - failed to extend its storage for the Authentication system, and failed to tell a human (or perhaps it did and no one did anything) possibly someone looking for a new job after Christmas :slight_smile:

possibly get an offer from Dodi Harding for one of her failed projects :rofl:

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Alternative mail address/server not that much use unless people know to send mail to it.

As someone pointed out (in The Register, I think) if you wind up having local or alternative back up because your cloud based system is unreliable, you just negated the main advantage of moving to the cloud.