Gorilla Glue

Where can I buy Gorilla glue here.? Not amazon, but any DIY stores stock It?

I wanted some Gorilla Tape recently. Couldn’t find it in any Bricos so I bought it from Amazon.

Why are you glueing Gorillas together? Bet its incredibly difficult to clamp them up.


OK thanks, Amazon it is then.

Hmmmmm. I wonder if I can bring a case of bottles and rolls of it when I next visit, to share… Maybe I’ll stock up and then closer to it I’ll let you know. Not sure if I’d sell or just give. I do hate Amazon. It would be nice to find an alternative to that company, as it seems it’s taking over the world. Anyway. Food for thought. :slight_smile:

You can buy all the same stuff in France made by Pattex.

Agreed, but I wanted a tape width that wasn’t available so it had to be Amazon.