Goshen Home Orphanage - Lagos, Nigeria

I would like to thank all he people who have kindly donated clothes, toys books puzzles and gift boxes to the Goshen Home for orphans www.goshenhome.org out in Lagos Nigeria, I have been overwhelmed with the support that I have received, 30th November will be the last day of collection as we are trying to get all these items shipped over to Lagos, so that the Children will receive them for Christmas.
Is there any person in Survive France who knows or have contact with any Companies that could transport around 6/9 bozes full of all the items above mentioned to Lagos, Nigeria, and if so, could they please contact me, I have already contacted Fedex, DHL and TNT and they are very very expensive, Sizes of the boxes are 50cm x 50cm x 70cm …weight 35 kg. SO PLEASE if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Thanks you so much all the people who have donated. LARAINE www.goshenhome.org

Hi Laraine

I think you have a spelling error in your hyperlinks as they are not working. I think they should be:


Please correct me if I am wrong.

Thank you Mat, i have changed the typing error.