Gosport hospital deaths: Prescribed painkillers 'shortened 456 lives'

This is very bizarre. Why would you over-prescribe pain medication if it wasn’t your intention to kill? Would it be to keep patients quiet? I know there are a few health professionals on here. Any ideas?

Sorry, I know this isn’t about France.

It is bizarre… as I pleaded with the medics to give MiLaw more pain relief, during her last days… and they carefully/gently explained that they were not allowed to as the strength needed would kill her… :thinking:

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its a very old case. (nearly 20 years have passed)

Yes, but they are still trying to find out what happened and why… and it is very important, with a view to the future… :zipper_mouth_face:

I imagine if one of our own had been “killed/helped” in this way… we, too, would like answers, even after 20 years. :neutral_face:

all down to one doctor who was struck off in 2010 or 2011. cannot remember the details though.

Just googled her, she wasn’t struck off just restricted and retired in 2011 and gave up her licence.

Harry… the News Article … is talking about a Report recently issued by an Independent Panel…

Currently the Police are reviewing this new Report, to see if there is sufficient info to indict anyone… this is NOT old stuff… :zipper_mouth_face:

this is starting to look like Shipman Mk2 (though without the financial incentive as fas as I can see).

Is it though? This is not one person acting alone. Consultants and others knew what was going on. It has already been found that she had no intention of killing anyone. If that’s the case then why prescribe such large doses of pain medication?

I’m a bit baffled.

She was not struck off Harry. She retired after the previous hearing. Did you read the BBC article I provided the link to? It gives lots of information but doesn’t explore why it happened.

I share your bafflement in that it does seem that others were aware and stood by - the question has to be asked, I think, whether they should share culpability.

But prescribing large doses of opioid medication to 456 patients who don’t need it is some going, whatever your motivation.

I had the opposite experience to you. When my Dad was in the final days of his life we had a district nurse who ensured he was properly topped up with morphine. I am also convinced that she gave him a little extra to help him on his way… for which I will always be grateful.


And it looks like there may have been at least 200 more. Let’s hope they get to the bottom of it.

i did correct myself long before your reply

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456 that they know off over 200 lots of notes are “missing”

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nurses just do not do it, it is not worth their licence. Anyone that does deserves to be sacked. I know we often want our relatives to go easy but the lines are there and no one should cross them. all those little extras have to be accounted for and nowadays its all registered and checked. Its why 2 nurses do it not just 1.

This was more than 12 years ago and, with respect, you weren’t there and didn’t see what I did.


No but ive just been there with my dad and I had been a nurse for a great many years and if anyone ever asked me “to give a little extra” or asked me to “look the other way” the proverbial shit would have hit the fan.

You saying a nurse deliberately gave extra medication to ease the passage of life is a slander to all good nurses. It is not done nor is it accepted and I was a nurse 12 years ago and have been there with 37 patients as they were dying or just after, cleaning them making them ready for the funeral home to come and take them.

I have seen many families go through the struggle including myself who watched my Grandma who who I lived with for allot of my childhood die right in front of me. Everyone has been through something and no 2 are the same but please do not tell me I do not know and that I was not there to see what you did and had to go through. I do not know the number of family members I had to comfort as parents, children, husbands and wives slowly died in front of them.

Harry… Mandy is not saying that she knows the District Nurse gave her Dad anything more than would be OK. She is not slandering the DN or any other Medical person.

To my mind, as things panned out, it gave Mandy a certain sense of peace to know that she had asked for “mercy” for her Dad and that herDad then died gently, with no more horror. :relaxed::relaxed:


Im sorry but maybe im reading this wrong.