Got my Siret!

Just a quick 'thank you' to all those involved in helping me to finally get my siret number.

... and a special 'thank you' to Ricky and his 15 0's!!!!

What I seriously cannot believe is how many people, in authority, have sent me to the wrong place!

I still, outside of the internet registration, would not know where to direct someone to if they asked me.

The Brits get it wrong en masse with the CPAM registration. And many, many, websites will still direct Brits to register in this way - yet it is simply not the way to do it for everybody.

The number of French authorities that have got it wrong is unbelievable...Not one of them ever put me right (and it wasn't for the want of trying)

Anyway that bit of stress is behind me....

No problem. It's so often that these seemingly insurmountable hurdles of the French system have a (less than obvious) straightforward way of moving on to the next stage.