Government suffers second defeat on Brexit Bill in the Lords

So where are we now?
Coming or going?

Barbara… I hope “we” are discussing in depth and investigating each and every possibility before taking a giant leap…:wink:

Sorry but I can’t help thinking - if this is an example of TM’s negotiating skills and she can’t convince our own House of Lords to agree to her terms, it’s not a good omen.

I haven’t been following all this closely because TBH I got all Brexited out a long time ago, so I might be doing her an injustice, but this article says “It is the second defeat the Lords has inflicted on Ms May over the Brexit bill … after she and her ministers demanded it be passed by Lords unamended.” Perhaps if she could learn to be a bit diplomatic and at least pretend to show a little respect for other people’s views, by adopting a less egocentric and aggressive approach and not telling people what she expects them to decide and demanding that they fall in line with her wishes, it would stand her in good stead over the next 18 months or so…

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Heartily agree Anna…

To me… a debate… is just that… a debate… To make threats or attempt to sway the discussion and the outcome…I find disgusting…

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Unfortunately it won’t make any real difference. I praise the LORDS in at least standing up to voice some opinions of sanity in this horrible mess.