GPs in Hauts de France

Hi, is there anyone who lives near Calais and knows a doctor who still accepts new patients?

Sorry not my area but unfortunately you may have to do some legwork yourself and ring round. Don’t hold your breath though as many cabinets, like dentists are not taking new patients on and you may have to go further afield to other towns/cities. Could you go over into Belgium at all?

The Calais Mairie give some helpful numbers
 perhaps one of these contacts can advise you

May have to try the co-ordination team

We are so close to the Swiss border that there are some shared care medical agreements. Does a similar scheme operate across French/Belgium border?

Thank you all for your recommendations😊

Well during Covid when the hospitals were full, patients were sent all over the EU. Someone else mentioned they go toSpain for dental treatment so I don’t see why not if the OP has the regulatory CPAM health cover.

It was captain endeavour who went to a dentist in Spain - but privately. He paid himself. And Covid was exceptional.

So, unless you know otherwise, outside specific cross-border agreements being in the French Health Service gives you no rights to regular healthcare in other countries. The OP could of course visit somewhere in Europe with their CEAM/EHIC card and try to get an appointment with a doctor. But couldn’t’ register with one as a permanent patient.

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Having taken a quick peek at @Flocreen 's link
 which gives strict guidelines

Anyone thinking of having Health stuff done outside of France 
 needs to speak with their CPAM first
 if they’re hoping the French HService will cough up

(and only certain stuff will be authorised by CPAM

I think the key is just that,Stella, ask the right people and get the imformation first hand.

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That is all about specific care - so like a neighbour who is sent to Switzerland for a specific treatment on her leg. There is nothing I can see anywhere about registering with a doctor as a GP on the other side of the border.

This is all a red herring for the OP! Better off following the guidance to get a teleconsultation doctor, or organise one yourself on


I hope you are able to find some info re Health Care professionals who are local to you.
Your nearest Maison Medicale etc
 might well be able to help point you in the right direction
 and often the Pharmacies know what’s what

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