GRABART scrapstore. RECYCLED art Materials

I'm working on a voluntary project here in France, to start an ONLINE scrapstore, gallery and support group for RECLAIMED MATERIALS for ARTISTS, ARTISANS and CREATIVE COMMUNITY GROUPS.

There are about 100 scrapstoregroups in the UK and virtually none here so I want to create an online service to help the UK ones to develop, and help local communities to open some scrapstores in France.

I have a website which needs input from anyone with any interest, and a facebook page to LIKE the project and add support.

You can register as an interested artist for free, or send details of recycled materials you're willing to share with artists & groups.

my group is called GRABART and if you like the idea, here's the link.

Hope you like it:)

Angouleme seems a good sized city for a scrapstore. Why not join the Grabart group and as soon as we get information we can share it and swap contacts with each other.

I run a small art group for children in Angouleme and would just love a scrapstore like those in the UK . I would like to get involved as I wouldn't know where to start!

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