Grand Frais à Saint Junien

(Peter Bird) #1

Hi, this is just a 'localised' post aimed at anyone living within a forty km or so radius of Saint Junien on the Charente/Hte Vienne border.

Although the town only boasts about 11000 inhabitants the catchment area is quite vast. I have just heard that Grand Frais is planning to take over the old Spar supermarket literally across the road from me. If this is true, and I will confirm it asap, the GF superarket will save a lot of long trips to either Angloulême or Limoges so good news for shoppers.

GF will do well here as the present major outlets have a varying quality of fruit, veg & meat & fish products. Hyper U is 'ok' but the Leclerc has been abysmal for years.

(Peter Bird) #2

There are three in Limoges Stan and they are all great, even the smaller one in the town centre. Spent today in Limoges and treated us to a superb indian meal at lunchtime; a bit of shoppng in the centre and a trip to GF on the way home. Yes, more expensive for some things (not all) but worth every centime for the quality. I don't smoke and I don't drink (much) so decent food is one of my luxuries now and again..

(stan smith) #3

Thanks Peter,

If it's true, I also look forward to it opening as it will save me my monthly trip to the GF in Limoges. I wish I could afford to go more often as it's a superb shop..