Grand Frais

Not sure how wide spread this chain is but we have several around the Rhone Alpes that I try and visit when passing to see what treats they have in the way of vegetables which are always very fresh. Today I went into one in Civrieux and found pork chops with rind on ! Also they had small racks of ribs, again with the rind left on.


Grand Frais in Creces sur Saone near Macon.

we think Grand Frais is superb - shop there twice weekly at least for our catered chalet operation. Fruit & veg superb, also great meat and cheese. Just how widespread are they? Wouldn't move without being sure of finding one! our nearest is Cluses, new one just opened 10 mins away in Domancy

We have one near Limoges at the Family Village - it's superdooper for all the different things you can't get in Carrefour (but our local Carrefour is brilliant and the quality of the produce is routinely fab).

We love the Grand Frais, and have one in Castres. We can buy fruit and vegetables from all over the world which are much fresher than any other supermarket and last so much longer. Can't say we've really tried the meat but I've given up shopping anywhere else for our fruit and veg!

When I lived in the Aude I always visited the one in Narbonne - a friend described it as "a sweet shop for adults". Now I live in Brittany I not only miss grand frais but ANY fruit and veg shops - find it difficult to believe that a region which produces so many vegetables only sells in the markets or in the supermarket - by which time the veg is well and truly past its sell by date!