Granville to Jersey ferry

Dear all

We’re wondering about a day or weekend trip from Granville to Jersey.
The manche-iles website does not yet have prices or timetables.

Can someone give me a clue? Approximate cost and times of day? Based on last year or whenever, maybe - just some idea for planning and budget purposes?
Not interested in the St Malo route, it is not easily accessible by train from Caen.


Last time I looked they weren’t too bad at all but I can’t quote figures! I’m thinking of doing this myself soon as Granville isn’t far from me…


I’ve looked at the ferry company’s own site and several of the resellers without success.

Have you got a top secret version of the directferries website that is invisible to us mere mortals?

On the “public” DF site which we can all see there are NO times or prices showing for the Granville route, only Condor ex Saint Malo which are of no use to us.

That’s why I was asking for clues based on previous years!

Thanks, Angela

If I find the info in the next few days I will summarise here for your benefit and anyone else who might fancy a quick trip for a fish supper and a pint of bitter!


That’s very kind of you, Ken! Thank you :smiley:
Looking at the direct ferries link, I agree it only seems to be quoting for St Malo to Jersey at the moment. I seriously hope the little Granville-Jersey ferry company hasn’t gone under. I shall do a bit more research myself.

By the way, how do you normally get from Caen to Granville? Train would mean a change, wouldn’t it?

The brochure for ManchIIles Express quotes prices but no timetable…

According to, you can get on the St Malo boat at Granville and off it at Jersey (I actually don’t believe it, given the times) but you can’t get back the same day.

AHA!!! According to Ouest France last year (latest I can find) the ferry crossings from Granville will restart April this year IF all goes well…

Thanks, Angela. Or should we call you Maigret?

I’d seen that Groupes 2022 brochure with the price panel which I think was published about 10 days ago, but as you say it doesn’t include times – nor, on my quick read, does it explain which fares apply when.

Train from here in Caen to Granville is a direct service taking 1h34 for the princely sum of €7 with the Senior card! For us it is the easiest “do nothing” short break destination – sit on the terrace of the Ibis overlooking the Port de Plaisance and then take a short stroll around the main harbour. A bit like we used to think of Caen and Ouistreham before we moved here!

I’ll keep my eyes open.
Take care

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That’s worth knowing, Ken! Thank you - I shall investigate that…